Dwyane Wade: I’m Not A Dirty Player

Dwyane Wade says that he’s not a dirty player despite the fact that he was suspended this week after kicking Ramon Sessions in the groin.

Wade addressed the kick, his suspension, and the “rumor” that he’s a dirty player on Twitter, saying that he always thinks about being a role model for his boys before he takes action on the court. Apparently, Wade wanted to show his sons that if a defender tries to steal the ball the best thing to do is to kick him in the groin.

Wade writes on Twitter:

“I’m far from being a dirty player + my intent was never 2 kick Ramon Sessions. I just reacted to the contact that I got from him…. More than anything, I think of my boys watchin me be4 retaliating 2ward any player. Im moving 4ward + ready 2 get back on the court in MIL.”

Wade is often heralded as a good guy and a good father, and, when NBA fans talk about dirty players, his name hardly ever gets brought up. But there is plenty of evidence to put Wade into the dirty player category.

Larry Brown Sports writes that Wade could be the “sneakiest dirty player in the NBA” but his “clean-cut image” hides his “unsportsmanlike behavior.”

What do you think? Is Dwyane Wade a dirty player? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Video #1: Dwyane Wade kicks Ramon Sessions in the groin.

Video #2: Wade hip checks Darren Collison.

Video #3: Wade shoves Rip Hamilton out of bounds.

Do you think Dwyane Wade is a dirty player?