Three Cops Shot Inside New Jersey Police Station

Gloucester Township, NJ – Three New Jersey officers were wounded Friday morning when a suspect, in an attempted effort to escape custody on a domestic violence related incident, opened fire inside the Gloucester Township Police Station in Camden County.

In a struggle with officers, the man somehow got his hands on a firearm. Although he managed to fire and injure the three officers, the situation was quickly resolved. The want-to-be escapee was shot dead during the incident. No further threat was posed to other officers or the public.

The officers involved were all taken to the Cooper University Hospital in Camden. Two of the three officers, a male and female, were grazed and treated for minor injuries. The other is said to be undergoing surgery after being shot twice below his bullet-proof vest in the leg, The Daily Mailreports. Otherwise, he’s in stable condition and is expected to fully recover.

Authorities haven’t yet released the name of the suspect or the victims. The Gloucester Township police will hold a press conference at 3 pm (EST), according to CBS Philly News.

Gloucester Township, per the city’s website, consists of 23.24 square miles in Camden County, New Jersey. It is the third largest municipality in Camden County with a population of over 77,000. The Gloucester Township Police Department responds to nearly 60,000 calls for service each year. This is an average of 5,000 calls per month. Gloucester Township Police consists of over 110 full time sworn Law Enforcement Officers, 36 Special Police Officers, 17 Tele-communicators, and 16 civilian personnel.

The Department is commanded by Chief W. Harry Earle, who has been an officer with Gloucester Township Police since 1988. The Deputy Chief of Police is The Staff Commander and the Commander of the Professional Standards and Training Unit. The Gloucester Township Police Department is split into two divisions. The Operations Division and the Support Services Division. Each Division is commanded by the Captain of Police.