Nick Stahl Busted For Performing Lewd Act In Adult Store

Nick Stahl has had a tough 2012. First he went missing and wound up on skid row. Now the former Terminator 3 star has been busted as he touched himself inside an adult book store.

The fallen actor was taken into custody by undercover LAPD vice officers when they were undergoing a routine check of an adult store in Hollywood at 6 pm.

The officers found Stahl alone in a private booth where he was watching porn and committing a “lewd act.”

Police claim he appeared to be “touching himself,” which would constitute a misdemeanor crime. Further details were not available, and honestly we wouldn’t want to know.

Several hours after his arrest, the Terminator 3 star was cited and released from police custody.

Nick says the entire incident was a “misunderstanding” on the part of police.

The recent arrest is a sad turn of events for Nick Stahl who reunited with his wife in July and was believed to be receiving treatment for substance abuse.

It is rumored that one of the arresting officers was the same guy who helped bust Fred Willard for pulling a similar masturbation stunt in July 2012.

Nick Stahl has not yet responded to his arrest other than to comment on the event as a misunderstanding.