Aide To Ex-President George H.W. Bush Says ‘Put Away The Harps’

An aide to ex-president George Bush H.W. Bush says that, despite an extended hospital stay for bronchitis symptoms, the 88-year-old isn’t planning on going anywhere soon.

In an email to the media, ex-president Bush’s chief of staff Jean Becker said that the president’s condition may be bad but that the president is not on death’s door, CBS News reported.

“He is 88 years old, he had a terrible case of bronchitis which then triggered a series of complications, partially brought on by the fact that he also has a form of Parkinson’s disease,” Becker wrote.

Becker continued: “Is he sick? Yes. Does he plan on going anywhere soon? No. He has every intention of staying put… He would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closet.”

Ex-President Bush has been in the hospital since November 23 for treatment of a persistent cough. His condition has worsened in the last few days as his fever has spiked, sending Bush to the intensive care unit while doctors searched for what was causing the fever.

During his stay at the Houston-area hospital, ex-president Bush has been active, keeping up a banter with doctors and nurses and enjoying visits from his family. He has seen his sons, former president George W. Bush and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, as well as several other family members.

Ex-president Bush had hoped to spent Christmas at home, but doctors were not able to improve his cough.

In the meantime, a spokesman for ex-president Bush told The Associated Press he would put out a statement on Bush’s condition “when events warranted it” and asked that the family’s privacy be respected.