Man Pushed In Front Of Train, Dies In Second NYC Subway Murder This Month

In Queens tonight, a man pushed in front of a train has died in the second killing in New York this month involving a passenger shoved onto the tracks of the subway system.

The man pushed in front of the train has yet to be publicly identified, but his death bears chilling similarities to that of Ki-Suck Han, the Queens man murdered on December 3 on a Times Square subway platform.

Like Han’s brutal murder, witnesses describe feeling helpless and watching in horror as fellow passenger was shoved in front of a train to die. One witness, who declined to be identified, says that he was forced to close his eyes as the man pushed in front of the train was hit and killed.

The New York Post quotes the bystander regarding the incident at the elevated 40th Street station of the 7 line in Sunnyside:

“This lady, she just pushed the guy on the tracks. Then she ran away. I was screaming and closing my eyes … I knew he was gonna get hit by the train. That’s why I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see it.”

The man pushed in front of the train in Sunnyside tonight, however, does not appear to have engaged in an altercation or even been involved in any interactions that precipitated the incident — frighteningly, witnesses seem to indicate that a woman who appeared mentally unstable pushed the man onto the tracks after following him around and “mumbling.”

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After the man was pushed onto the tracks and hit by a number 7 train, witnesses say that several passengers gave chase after the suspect — described by those present as a twenty-something, heavy-set Hispanic female. But one female witness says the woman slipped away:

“The lady just ran. She was so fast. I was like, ‘Stop the lady!’ ”

ABC reports that police are canvassing for video in the area of the attack, and that the man was pushed in front of the train at about 8 PM. No information about his age or any other identifying details have been released.