Russian Ban On US Adoptions Devastates Ohio Family

Cincinnati, OH – An Ohio family in the process of adopting a special-needs child has been devastated by the new Russian ban on US adoptions. The couple and their three biological children already consider 4-year-old Constantin a part of their family.

Natalia Zimina and her husband Mike Sweeny have made several visits to the St. Petersburg orphanage where the child that they have come to know as their son resides. Constantin had already begun referring to the couple as his parents.

Sweeny and Zimina were only two visits away from finalizing the adoption when news spread that The Russian Parliament had voted for a ban on all US adoptions of Russian children, according to USA Today. The couple has already signed all of the official paperwork.

Earlier today Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his endorsement of the planned ban on US adoptions of Russian Children. The New York Times reports on the massive impact this decision could make on hundreds of families in the US hoping to or in the process of adopting Russian orphans:

“Already, it has added wrenching emotional tumult to a process that can cost $50,000 or more, requires repeated trips overseas, and typically entails lengthy and maddening encounters with bureaucracy. The ban would apparently also nullify an agreement on adoptions between Russia and the United States that was ratified this year and went into effect on Nov. 1.”


The couple who had hoped to adopt Constantin stated in their interview with USA Today that their major concern is that he receive the medical care he needs. As a special-needs child he had been turned down for adoption by more than one other couple. They hope that even with the ban in place they can somehow communicate to the child what has happened and why he will not be able to join their family as planned.