Rilo Kiley Teases Fans On Facebook, Suggest Hiatus Will End With New Album

Popular indie band Rilo Kiley has been on an open-ended hiatus since 2010, but a new Facebook message from the group suggests that a return to music-making may be imminent.

Fronted by former child stars including Troop Beverly Hills’ Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley was founded back in 1998 and released their first full-length album, Take-Offs and Landings, in 2001.

Including their first EP, Rilo Kiley released five total albums, ending with Under The Blacklight in 2007. And by 2011, the band’s future looked grim indeed, with member Blake Sennett unambiguously admitting:

“I would say that if Rilo Kiley were… hmmm… a human being… hmmm… he’s probably laying on his back in a morgue with a tag on his toe. Now, I see movies where the dead get up and walk. And when they do that, rarely do good things happen.”

But if Rilo Kiley is a zombie, that zombie may be about to rise. Billboard quotes drummer Jason Boesel as saying back in 2010 that the band was working on some unreleased material, and at the time, Boesel said:

“Rilo Kiley’s working on a compilation of all the songs we never got to put on records over the years… A lot of them are some of my favorite Rilo Kiley songs, so that should actually be a pretty strong release. There’s no plan to make a new record right now, since we’re on a hiatus of sorts, but I hope we do at some point. It’s been fun hanging out with everyone and putting the compilation together.”

Rilo Kiley is coming back, ya’ll. Get ready to feel EVERYTHING.

— Michelle Lyn King (@michellelynking) December 27, 2012

As Billboard adds, the compilation of unreleased Rilo Kiley material has yet to materialize, but today’s Facebook message on the band’s page read:

“Record is almost finished, and artwork is nearly done. Going to need your help! More to come[.]”

Rilo Kiley did not add any details, but 6,000 plus fans “liked” the status.