Congresswoman Maxine Waters Impeach Trump: Demands POTUS Apologize To Myeshia Johnson, Frederica Wilson

Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ quest to impeach Donald Trump hasn’t lost momentum. Angered by the president’s treatment of Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Waters has a message for President Trump: apologize and do it now for the good of the country. She also says her comments about Trump recently were taken out of context.

During a morning interview with CNN‘s Chris Cuomo, Maxine Water opined about the ongoing controversy with Trump and the Gold Star spouse of Sgt. Johnson, who died with three other Green Berets in Niger, Africa. Reportedly, they were killed during an ambush by ISIL terrorists. Waters, an unapologetic vocal critic of the president, expressed her angst with the commander-in-chief and reignited her drive to impeach Donald Trump.

“The President of the United States started this,” and he is trying to “clean it up.” Waters compared Trump to former POTUS Barack Obama by saying that he would have never treated a Gold Star family like Trump did recently.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters also chided Trump’s White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly, who came under fire for alleged misstatements about Rep. Wilson. During a White House press conference, Kelly allegedly mischaracterized comments she made during a building dedication in Florida. Waters insists that Kelly simply “made it up” and was “trying to defend the president.”

Rep. Wilson was present with Myeshia Johnson’s Gold Star family during Trump’s condolence call. She told the media that Trump upset the 24-year-old pregnant mother of two when he said her husband “knew what he signed up for.” Trump took to Twitter and refuted Wilson’s claims. At the same time, began attacking her, personally. The widow later confirmed the accuracy of Wilson’s comments about Trump.

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John Kelly, a Gold Star family survivor, who downplayed Wilson’s version of the call, said he was “stunned” by the congresswoman’s behavior and self-aggrandizement over a “sacred moment.” Later, reports confirmed that Wilson was present during the call at the family’s request; she is a longtime friend of the family and former mentor to the fallen soldier.


Congresswoman Waters said Donald Trump should simply apologize, “act responsibly,” and end his feud with the grieving spouse.

“Just call Mrs. Johnson and say, ‘I certainly did not intend to make you uncomfortable in the way that I spoke about your son. Of course, I respect your son; I respect all of our military personnel and for all of those young people who were killed.'” Congresswoman Waters said the president and Kelly are bound to apologize.

“I think I have been extremely responsible in laying out the case why this president should be impeached,” Waters told Cuomo. She accused white supremacists, Trump and his apologists of having issues with black women who voice dissension with her assertions about the president’s lack of decorum.

Cuomo said, “This has become an ugly war of words, not just in this situation,” suggesting that Waters has often used inflammatory comments about Trump at times. Specifically, he referenced her “take out Trump” comments. Waters laughed and said she is a 79-year-old grandmother and no one really believes she is a threat to Donald Trump.


“The only harm that I may be doing to the president is I want him impeached.” She said those opposed to her drive to remove Trump from office are undermining the civility of the office. Waters said she acknowledges her feud is “ugly,” but she has been extremely responsible for laying out the case why this president should be impeached.”

Maxine insists that white supremacists who support the “dangerous president” are not accustomed to an African American woman to be as outspoken as she has been on her controversial move to “speak truth to power.”

“I think the Congress needs to step up to the plate” to determine if Trump has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” and if an impeachment is in order. While the congresswoman realizes she does not have the votes at this time, she believes the world is learning daily that Trump and his campaign, at a minimum, colluded with Russia on the recent election that put him into the Oval Office.

Do you support Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Trump impeachment drive? Do you think the president will be impeached at some point in his presidency or is the fight to remove him from office a partisan issue?

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