´Blade Runner 2049´ Box Office Results And Other Insights From The Film

The wait is finally over for the arrival of Blade Runner 2049. The film is the sequel to the successful 1982 American neo-noir science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. According to the latest sales figures by Box Office Mojo, the movie as of October 22 has grossed $74 million domestically and underperformed due to the movie’s budget of $150 million.

The director of the Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve, was in charge of carrying out the vision of the original film. In addition, the attempt to have this reboot achieve cult classic status as its predecessor will be determined down the road.

So far, an analysis by the Digital Spy Villeneuve said “As a filmmaker, I´m not arrogant. People put a lot of money in the movie to allow me to make something like Blade Runner. They trusted me, and the gave me a lot of freedom, and they are friends.”

Also, mentioned within this report critics pointed out that perhaps the lackluster performance from the film could be in part due to not revealing enough about Blade Runner 2049. The director reaffirmed that his experience was based on the idea that you learn as you go on making the film.

Actor Harrison Ford talks with actress Ana de Armas at a press conference to promote their latest film "Blade Runner 2049" in Tokyo, Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

Elsewhere, the New Musical Express (NME) highlighted another factor to the box office disappointment. The film´s director added that cinema-goers want to know too much before seeing the actual movie. On the other hand, Blade Runner 2049 has grossed $194 million to date, and perhaps the sales may pick up in the United States eventually.

So, are there similarities or differences between the films? The ambiguity around the plot and the characters remain roughly the same in both movies. Throughout the film, it is not explicit but Harrison Ford’s character as Rick Deckard may end up not being a human after all, but a replicant implanted with memories.

Roger Ebert, an American film critic and journalist, commented that “The Los Angeles of ‘Blade Runner’ is every bit of fascinating as that in the original. ‘Blade Runner’ influenced later futuristic films that followed by having just about every one of them come up with their own technological innovations for mass advertising via giant animated signs.”

Ebert added, “Still, after watching “Blade Runner 2049” it´s safe to say that the astounding, gigantic hologram of K´s girlfriend by the side of a bridge blows all of these other examples right out of the water. “

If you want more information about the outcomes and how the movie ends check out the video above for more information.

[Featured Image by Shizuo Kambayashi/AP Images]