Rockstar Games Still Committed To Single-Player Experiences, Though No DLC Is Planned For ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

When Grand Theft Auto V launched in 2013, players were introduced to the interconnected story between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. With all three protagonists controllable, players explored Los Santos and San Andreas in three unique ways with three different special abilities. The large open world and memorable characters left players wondering when more single-player content would be added to Grand Theft Auto V.

In an interview with Game Informer, the Rockstar Games director of design Imran Sarwar discussed the future of single-player experiences and the lack of single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V. Sarwar states three contributing factors to the absence of single-player DLC. First, the open world title already features three major stories connected through three distinctive characters. Essentially, the single-player experience in Grand Theft Auto V is already massive.

Next, the online mode takes a substantial amount of resources to operate. GTA Online is constantly being expanded with new features and major content additions. Updates like Gunrunning and Smuggler’s Run add new properties and a plethora of vehicles to the game, for instance. New Adversary Modes, clothes, and other features are added often to the game as well.

Finally, the team at Rockstar Games is focused on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 release. The western-themed title is set to feature a robust single-player campaign and a new online option when it releases in the spring of 2018. Due to these factors, Sarwar states that the team “did not feel single-player expansions were either possible or necessary” for this particular title. Single-player expansions are still a possibility for other Rockstar Games titles, however.

Lack of Grand Theft Auto V single-player DLC explained
Michael is one of three protagonists in the single-player mode. [Image by Rockstar Games]

Sarwar also affirms that Rockstar Games is a company that loves the single-player narrative. He goes on to say that a multiplayer experience cannot replace the storytelling found in a single-player campaign. That narrative may be over for Grand Theft Auto V, but the world continues to grow in GTA Online.

The online mode packaged with Grand Theft Auto V continues to expand and update. GTA Online updates often with new content and a new promotion starts each week. Just last week, the Transform Races update launched extending Stunt Race functionality with a new mechanic. Transform Races feature checkpoints that transform the controlled vehicle to another of a completely different type as noted by the Inquisitr.

Sarwar also mentioned that updates to GTA Online may slow somewhat when Red Dead Redemption 2 releases giving Grand Theft Auto V players a chance to experience that new single-player narrative.

[Image by Rockstar Games]