Samsung Projects 510 Million Phone Sales For 2013, 390M Smartphones

In 2012, Samsung projected 420 million phone sales. In 2013, that number has been increased to 510 million units sold. According to the Korean electronics firm, it hopes to move 390 million smartphones, nearly 76 percent of its overall phone sales projection.

Samsung believes that higher than normal holiday sales will add to an increase in interest, allowing the company to extend its estimates. Through September 2013, Samsung hopes to sell 288 million smartphones.

Samsung’s own projections are much higher than technology research firm Gartner, which places expected sales levels at 300 million smartphones through 2013. However, Samsung sales increased in 2012 beyond expectations thanks in large part to the success of the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices.

While Apple iPhone releases have traditionally frozen sales at other manufacturers, the Samsung Galaxy S III was largely viewed as a better option and actually witnessed increased sales after the iPhone 5 was released with a largely flawed iOS 6 platform.

According to iHS iSuppli projections, Samsung surpassed Nokia to become the number one cell phone manufacturer in the world.

Samsung executives expect a slowdown in Android sales, but they will also push for more Windows 8 devices and TIZEN supported smartphones.

The tech firm also expects to achieve higher sales in emerging markets through “better pricing.”

Samsung also plans to offer lower priced LTE-enabled handsets in the United States.

In comparison, Apple, Inc. moved 125 million smartphones in 2012, a small number of handsets compared to Samsung’s own 2013 projections for Smartphones.

Will you be purchasing a new Samsung smartphone in 2013?