Asa Soltan Rahmati On Reza Farahan Friendship And Quitting ‘Shahs Of Sunset’

Is Asa Soltan Rahmati leaving Shahs of Sunset? That’s what many viewers are wondering after watching a season of Asa being questioned and criticized by much of the cast over her decision to keep her pregnancy journey a secret from them. Even Reza Farahan, supposedly one of Asa’s closest and best friends among the cast, didn’t stop the others’ questioning and criticism of her. He stood by as Mercedes “MJ” Javid repeatedly called Asa’s unborn child a “bastard.” On the Shahs of Sunset Season 6 reunion show that aired on Sunday night, Reza went so far as calling Asa out for forcing him to keep her fertility treatment and pregnancy a secret from the others. Perhaps the demise of her friendship with Reza, in addition to the negativity that has been directed towards her this past season, has finally pushed Asa to make the decision to leave the show in order to focus on being a mom and her fashion line?

A major story line this past season was Asa’s pregnancy. With the exception of Reza, Asa didn’t tell anyone that she had some embryos frozen. She didn’t even tell MJ, despite the fact that MJ was going through fertility treatments at the same time with the same doctor. When Asa finally revealed that she was pregnant, the cast was stunned. After some questioning, Asa admitted that she and her long-time partner, Jermaine Jackson Jr., had some embryos frozen but added that her pregnancy happened naturally. The others, especially MJ and Mike Shouhed, questioned whether Asa was really telling the truth about getting pregnant naturally, given her advanced age. That led to further criticism that Asa keeps much of her life private and crafts a false image of a perfect life. While Reza kept Asa’s secret per her request, once the rest of the cast found out about it, he seemed to agree with the others’ opinions that Asa should have been open about everything right from the beginning.

On part 1 of the season 6 reunion show, Reza confronted Asa about having to keep her secret. Reza further claimed that Asa went through IVF at the same time as MJ and told him that she was worried about bumping into MJ at the doctor’s office, something that Asa denied. Reza claimed that Asa was lying and blamed her lies for the demise of their friendship.

“That’s why we are where we are at our relationship!”

As the reunion show aired, Asa voiced her disappointment with Reza. In response to one viewer who wrote that Reza isn’t as innocent as he seems and threw Asa under the bus, Asa agreed. Asa wrote that Reza’s behavior was one of the saddest things for her.


A week ago, Asa Soltan Rahmati admitted that she was sad that Reza Farahan turned on her.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reza recently defended Mercedes “MJ” Javid calling Asa’s child a “bastard.” Reza explained that MJ was simply projecting and was actually very caring towards Asa during her pregnancy.

As for her future on Shahs of Sunset, Asa admitted that she’s still deciding whether she’s officially done with the show.


A few days prior, Asa said that whether to stay or leave the show is a big decision to make but that no matter what happens, she’ll always be true to herself.


While Asa may no longer want to be on Shahs of Sunset, she still wants to be on TV, preferably her own spin-off show. In response to one fan who tweeted that Asa should have her own show, she responded that she would love that.


The preview for part 2 of the Shahs of Sunset Season 6 reunion shows Asa Soltan Rahmati coming under fire yet again. Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi even outright questions Asa on why she’s on the show. With Asa no longer being real friends with anyone on the cast, not even Reza Farahan it seems, it may very well turn out that Season 6 is her last one.

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