‘Counting On’ Star Jessa Duggar Fires Back At Haters After Sharing Filthy Photos Of Her House

A cluttered house and kids tend to go together, even if you are a reality TV star. Jessa Duggar recently shared a few photos of her messy house on social media to highlight how spending time with her children sometimes gets in the way of keeping a tidy home. Unfortunately, the Counting On star was bashed by fans after the post, many of whom shamed her for not cleaning up.

According to In Touch Weekly, Duggar fired back at haters and said she was only trying to show how much she values spending time with her kids. The reality star explained how she sometimes gets behind on the daily chores because of her sons — Spurgeon, 1, and Henry, 8 months — demands so much of her time. This is the only reason she decided to post the photos of her messy house, and fans just took it the wrong way.

Duggar, who is married to Ben Seewald, also shared how she could spend more time keeping a tidy home but doesn’t because she wants to be a loving mom. Not wanting to miss out on making new memories, Jessa Duggar gives her sons all the attention they need, which sometimes gets her behind on the chore list. Duggar, of course, knows what it’s like growing up in a big family surrounded by cameras and has every right to defend her actions.


According to Romper, Duggar’s controversial post featured images of laundry piled on her bed, diapers stacked on a dresser, and dirty windows. Although these types of messes are a common sight for many moms around the world, some fans were quick to judge the reality star for not being cleaner. Fans even bashed Duggar for being lazy and said she has plenty of time for cleaning because she is a stay-at-home mom.

Duggar’s messy home, of course, is completely forgivable. After all, Duggar and her husband are still adjusting to their new son, who was born earlier this year. Duggar’s husband even admitted that life has been different ever since they welcomed Henry into their home and described things as a little chaotic, at least for now.


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