Did Jacob Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Get Married? Photo Sparks Wedding Rumors Among Fans

Fans of Little People, Big World have been wondering if Jacob Roloff got married recently. A photo that surfaced on social media earlier this month has sparked rumors that the 20-year-old former reality TV star followed in his three older siblings’ footsteps by tying the knot. Jacob Roloff has been seeing girlfriend Isabel Sofia Garreton Rock, 21, for about the last six years. So, fans shouldn’t be too surprised if the young couple finally did decide to get married. However, if the photo, which was shared on both Facebook and Instagram on October 5, as well as on October 7, means marriage for Jacob and Isabel, fans would probably be shocked that they decided to wed in secret.

Although, Jacob Roloff left the reality TV scene for all of Season 10 of his family’s long-running TLC reality TV show, Little People, Big World, the youngest member of the Roloff family is still very much in the public eye. Jacob was once a fan-favorite on Little People, Big World as the cute and somewhat accident-prone kid. Fans got to watch Jacob Roloff grow up in front of their eyes from Season 1 of Little People, Big World in 2006 until Season 9 in 2015 when Jacob appeared only occasionally. According to Jacob, he was only 9-years-old when filming for Little People, Big World began, and he decided not to “renew his contract” when he turned 18, as previously reported by In Touch Weekly.

Jacob Roloff still remains active on social media and shared a photo on his Instagram account on October 7 that immediately sparked rumors of a possible secret wedding. The photo is simply captioned with “What a happy day,” and one fan asked if Jacob and Isabel got married. Other fans speculated that the photo is a just throwback photo from sister Molly’s wedding that took place in August on Roloff Farms, adding that they “don’t think” Jacob and Isabel would “get married without their family there.”

Another comment from one of Jacob Roloff’s nearly 180,000 Instagram followers says that “Isabel doesn’t have a ring on her finger.” However, the Weddingbee forum shares that an engagement ring can be worn on the right hand, and one comment shares that both the engagement ring and the wedding ring can be worn on the right hand, depending on “different traditions,” and Isabel’s right hand is not clearly visible in the photo.

Isabel Sofia shared the same photo on her Facebook account on October 5, saying, “Today was one of the best days I have had in a really long time.”

The fact that Isabel said “today,” referring to October 5, not August 5, which was Molly Roloff’s wedding date to Joel Silvius, as noted by Us Weekly, only further fueled the secret wedding rumor. Also, on October 5, about six hours earlier, Isabel shared a photo of a wedding chapel and not the mini-church on Roloff Farms, as shown in some of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s wedding photos from 2014. Comments on Isabel’s second photo say “I’m so happy for you” and “Welcome to the family Izzy.”

Isabel did announce that she was “leaving social media” for a while early in September to ponder an unknown life-changing decision, as previously reported by the Hollywood Gossip. According to Isabel, she was “faced with a life-changing decision” that would change her life “drastically,” but she would not disclose what that decision was, which only had “people talking” — much like the recent social media photos. However, both Jacob and Isabel are wearing the same clothes in the October photo that they wore to Molly Roloff’s wedding in August, leading some fans to conclude that the photo was simply a photo from Molly’s wedding, especially since other members of the Roloff family were also sharing throwback photos early in October, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Jacob Roloff has not replied back to fan comments on his Instagram photo asking if he got married, but Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff, 53, shared a photo on Facebook on October 12 of Molly’s wedding. The photo has since had a comment from one of Amy’s followers referring to her “wonderful family” and “two new grandbabies,” as well as “three” daughter-in-laws and a new son-in-law — a comment that has other Little People, Big World fans asking if they missed something.

One comment says, “I don’t think Amy’s youngest [Jacob Roloff] got married, did he?”

Matt and Amy Roloff have been busy in October with the 2017 pumpkin season fully underway on Roloff Farms, as noted by one of Jacob’s followers, who says, “I don’t think they’ll get married without their family there.”

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]