Trump 'Lied': POTUS Calls Ambushed Green Beret's Widow A 'Liar' And The Internet Erupts In Ferocious Anger

President Donald Trump called the widow of fallen Green Beret, Sgt. La David Johnson, a "liar," and anger from users on Twitter reached a fever pitch as the Gold Star family survivor revealed in an interview that Trump's condolence call made her grieving worse. Many say it was Trump who lied.

Myeshia Johnson sat down with Good Morning America on Monday and shared her side of the story that has raised the ire of critics who say Donald Trump showed "disrespect" for the grieving wife of the fallen Green Beret in Niger, Africa, according to a People report. Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson has been locked in a war of words with Trump and his White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly -- also a Gold Star family member survivor.

Politico writer, Marc Caputo, wrote that Congresswoman Wilson's version of Trump's call to the late Green Beret's widow was accurate, that the president lied about the "he knew what he signed up for" statement.

Caputo posted an online transcript of Mrs. Wilson's full statement to GMA. The grieving spouse of the ambushed Green Beret vouched for Rep. Wilson, stating her version -- as disputed by Trump and Kelly -- is "100 percent accurate."

As reported by the Civil Rights Movement site, minutes after Sgt. Johnson's widow suggested that Trump lied about his version of the telephone call, the president took to Twitter and "attacked" her.

Without using the words that the widow lied during her interview with George Stephanopoulos, Trump tweeted that he had a "respectful" phone interaction with the Gold Star wife. As to her claim that Trump had trouble recalling the name of the dead Green Beret, Trump doubled down on his claim and said he mentioned his name from the start of the conversation.

Twitter exploded, many charging that Trump lied and showed absolute disrespect for a Gold Star wife at her darkest moment.

Trump not only is under fire for allegedly having lied about his contact with the widow and suggesting that she was untruthful about his conversation with her, but also his administration is facing criticism about the Niger ambush in general.

According to Reuters, several key senators reached out to the White House for more answers about the Niger mission, saying officials have not been "forthcoming" about the number of troops in the country. Senator Lindsey Graham was blunt about being taken off guard about the boots on the ground in the country.

"I didn't know there was [sic] 1,000 troops in Niger. This is an endless war without boundaries and no limitation on time and geography. You've got to tell us more."
Do you believe Trump lied or the widow misinterpreted his intentions and style of communication?

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