Jessa Duggar Shares Video Of Spurgeon That Amazes Fans: Why They’re Praising The Little Boy’s Intelligence

Jessa Duggar skillfully managed to deflect attention away from her dirty house with a new video of her 23-month-old son, Spurgeon, reading a book with his dad.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some of Jessa’s Instagram followers recently dumped on the Duggar daughter for sharing a series of photos showcasing her dirty house. She defended her decision to post the images — including a snapshot of a pile of dirty diapers on her dresser — by explaining that she prioritizes spending time with her two young children over doing housework. Now, the Counting On star is proving that her parenting method has paid off in a big way, and she’s being praised for raising a smart son who is learning much faster than most children his age.

On Sunday, Jessa shared a video of her husband, Ben Seewald, helping Spurgeon learn his ABC’s. The father and son were reading an alphabet book together, and Ben was pointing at uppercase letters and waiting for Spurgeon to identify them. The twosome started with the letter “O” and quickly went all the way to “Z,” with Spurgeon only getting one letter wrong; he misidentified “V” as “F.”

“Good job, Spurgeon,” Ben said after they made it to the end of the alphabet.

“All done,” his son responded as he closed the book.

Many Duggar fans responded to the Instagram video by expressing their astonishment at how fast Spurgeon is learning his ABC’s. The little boy will turn 2-years-old on November 5, but a lot of the comments on the video were from parents saying that their much older children aren’t capable of identifying letters like Spurgeon is.

“My 3 year old can’t even do this… that’s incredible!” remarked one fan.

“To all of the haters who made comments about their house not being completely clean… I wonder if their kids could recognize half of the letters in the alphabet before they turned 2,” another wrote. “This is so amazing! And this is what happens when you invest quality time in your children.”

Jessa Duggar’s oldest son has come a long way over the course of a few short months. Near the end of August, some Duggar fans were speculating that Spurgeon was suffering from a speech or behavioral delay of some sort. As reported by In Touch Weekly, they were concerned because the little boy did not talk or attempt to talk to his mother when she spoke to him in one of her social media videos. However, now no one is suggesting that Spurgeon is experiencing speech struggles or learning difficulties. Instead, they’re calling the tot a “little smarty pants” who is “advanced” for his age. Jessa has said that she’s using Baby Einstein learning materials to teach Spurgeon and his little brother, 8-month-old Henry.

The Child Development Tracker on the PBS website confirms that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s oldest son is learning his ABC’s much faster than his peers. Just 20 percent of 2-year-olds can recognize and name a few letters of the alphabet, and only 10 percent can identify most uppercase letters.

[Featured Image by Jessa Duggar Seewald/Facebook]