'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: True O'Brien Returning As Paige Larson

Days of our Lives fans are in for some more big returns very soon. The latest spoilers on the NBC soap opera reveal that one familiar face will soon be back in Salem. Actress True O'Brien, who portrayed the character of Paige Larson, will soon be seen again. O'Brien is set to reprise her role as Paige, one of the characters killed by the necktie killer, Ben Weston.

So, if Paige is dead, why is she returning? As many Days of our Lives fans already know, there are some serious questions surrounding Ben Weston's murder spree, especially when it comes to the murder of Will Horton. Recently, Ben broke out of the mental hospital where he was being held, and interrupted Chad and Abigail and Sonny and Paul's double wedding ceremony to inform the citizens of Salem that Will Horton was actually still alive.

However, Days of our Lives fans who are hoping that Paige Larson may also still be alive shouldn't get too excited. The latest DOOL spoilers suggest that Paige will only be seen in flashback scenes that were recently shot to help further the story of Will's death, and possibly resurrection. In addition, Ben's other victim, Serena Mason, played by Melissa Archer, has been confirmed to return to the soap opera as well.

As many Days of our Lives watchers will remember, Paige Larson was JJ Deveraux's girlfriend at the time of her death. JJ and Paige had a rocky relationship after JJ began having an affair with Paige's mother, Eve Donovan. Paige's death left both JJ and Eve feeling very guilty about their actions, and ultimately sent Eve running out of Salem.

However, Eve is also on her way back. Days of our Lives fans can expect to see actress Kassie DePavia back in the role of Eve at the end of October, and rumor has it that she'll be causing some big trouble for the Kiriakis family.

While it doesn't seem that True O'Brien's stint on Days of our Lives will be a long one, her scenes could be very important to the storyline. Meanwhile, many fans will be excited to see Paige Larson back on their television screens again, even if it is only for a brief time.

[Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]