Myeshia Johnson On ‘GMA’: Trump Made Me Cry, Won’t Show Me Sgt. La David Johnson’s Body [Video]

Myeshia Johnson appeared on GMA and gave her thoughts about President Donald Trump’s condolence call to Johnson, which has become a source of controversy. As seen in the below video, the widow of U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson claimed that Trump did not know La David’s name and stumbled over his name, while reading the report about Johnson in front of him.

Myeshia said that everything Rep. Frederica Wilson reported about the call that was held via a speakerphone was 100 percent accurate. President Trump has hit back against Johnson’s claims, as seen in the below Twitter tweet published on Monday. During Myeshia’s interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Johnson reported that she has not seen any of the remains of her husband – with Johnson reporting that officials won’t show her “a finger” nor any of La David’s remains. It’s a troubling notion to Myeshia, who said that she knows her husband’s body from head to toe.

“He couldn’t remember my husband’s name. That’s what hurt me the most. It made me cry even worse.”

Johnson claimed that she doesn’t know what’s in the coffin that she was seen kissing, saying that the coffin could have very well been an empty vessel. Trump refuted Myeshia’s claims and called their phone call very respectful. George Stephanopoulos asked Myeshia if she had a message for Trump, but Johnson said she had nothing to say to Trump.

According to Trump, Johnson’s conversation with him was “very respectful,” with the president claiming he said La David’s name from the beginning and without hesitating.


The full transcript from the GMA interview with La David Johnson’s widow can be viewed below, linked to from the Twitter page of Good Morning America. Myeshia says she has plenty of unanswered questions about the death of La David.


Sgt. Johnson was killed in action along with three other American soldiers in Niger on October 4, however, Myeshia wants more answers surrounding how La David died, and why it took 48 hours to locate his body. Myeshia also wants to see the remains of her husband so that she knows for sure what was in his coffin.

Myeshia Johnson appeared on GMA.
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