'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Mateo Betrays Sheila – Estate Manager Killed, Quinn Blamed?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise a crazy week ahead because Mateo (Francisco San Martin) finally realizes he's tangled with a crazy woman in Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Will Mateo live to regret his mistake or be killed before he can make things right? The latest B&B spoilers promo video shows that Mateo ramps up his game and puts his hands where he should not and that leads to a twist in the story. When Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) finds out about Sheila's scheme, that's good for her, but could be dangerous for Mateo.

Mateo's seduction fails – Quinn is loyal to Eric

Bold history shows us that Sheila is no one to be trifled with – and Mateo made a deal with the devil when he took cash and promises from the ex-Mrs. Forrester. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central promise that Sheila pressures Mateo to get busy seducing Quinn so they can both get what they want. Sheila promised Mateo big bucks, but she can't pay up until she's Eric Forrester's (John McCook) wife again, so she needs Mateo to get Quinn out of the way.

This week on B&B, Mateo gets handsy with Quinn during a massage session. Quinn wants to know why he's touching her inappropriately and he flirtily asks if she wants him to stop. Yes, Quinn wants him to stop. Sheila underestimated Quinn's loyalty to Eric. Sheila thought a pretty face and hot body would tempt Quinn to cheat, but Quinn has learned her lesson. She's got undying loyalty to her husband, and Mateo can't do anything to break up the Forrester's marriage.


Mateo switches sides – flips on Sheila

Bold spoilers promise that Quinn is horrified by Mateo's seduction attempt and is ready to shove him out the door of the Forrester mansion. Mateo panics because he realizes Sheila put him in a bad position. He knows Sheila's plan won't work and he was a fool to be her pawn. Mateo comes clean to Quinn, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps. Quinn is stunned to find out that Sheila bribed Mateo to seduce her and wreck her marriage.

B&B spoilers say with this information in hand, Quinn can turn the tables on Sheila. By mid-week, Quinn confronts Sheila with her knowledge of Mateo's trickery and Eric finds himself caught between his wife and ex-wife in yet another confrontation. Sheila will lie her way out of this situation again but clearly, Mateo is a complication she can no longer afford. Given that Francisco San Martin has a short run of about 11 episodes, he's leaving Bold, but will it be in a body bag?

Mateo's life on the line – no one betrays Sheila

It's too bad Mateo and Quinn can't read Soap Central's character sheet on Sheila, or they would know that the woman is crazy and violent. Mateo knows nothing about Sheila and Quinn only has an inkling of how dangerous the woman is, so they're both in danger. Sheila wants Eric and will stop at nothing to get her way. Mateo will leave the Forrester mansion but does he go willingly or is he taken out by the LA coroner? Sheila might kill Mateo to keep him from revealing the scheme to Eric.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that without Mateo around to confirm, Eric has Quinn's word versus Sheila's. No way will Sheila admit to bribing Mateo to seduce Quinn. Without Mateo there to testify, Sheila can make Quinn sound paranoid and delusional. Getting Mateo out of the way is key and there's no telling what Sheila might do. She could shove him off a balcony, cut the brakes off his car, shoot him, or even poison him. Sheila is a ruthless woman who has proved in the past she's capable of anything.

Some Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Sheila might eliminate Mateo and frame Quinn for the crime. Who knows if Sheila will go this far, but she's capable of anything. Dead Mateo and Quinn in jail for homicide would make it easier for Sheila to put the moves on Eric, but will she go that far? Will Mateo survive to tell his tale to Eric or will Sheila make sure he can't say anything ever again? Check out Big Brother 19's Josh on Tuesday's Bold, stay tuned to the CBS soap, and come back to the Inquisitr for the hottest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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