Netflix ‘Secret’ Codes Revealed, Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Shows And Movies?

Netflix secret codes can allegedly help subscribers unlock dozens of subgenres and thousands of hidden television shows and movies. Various websites have curated lists of the secret codes that include Netflix URL links with specific ending numbers to garner access to certain genres and subgenres.

The secret codes of Netflix lists includes both unique niche subgenres for films about zombies and period pieces with specific cast members and genres with more mainstream and mass appeal, like political dramas and romantic comedies, according to the Daily Mail.

The Ogres-Crypt website boasts an extensive list of Netflix secret codes organized into sub-genres. Under the action and adventure listing on the website, a total of 12 subgenre secret codes are shared.

Netflix Action and Adventure Sub-Genres

  • Action Comedies – 43040
  • Action Thrillers – 43048
  • Adventures – 7442
  • Asian Action Movies – 77232
  • Classic Action and Adventure – 46576
  • Crime Action and Adventure – 9584
  • Comic Book and Superhero Movie – 10118
  • Foreign Action and Adventure – 11828
  • Martial Arts Movies – 8985
  • Military Action & Adventure – 2125
  • Westerns – 7700

Some of the action and adventure sub-genres are broken down even further. To browse classic westerns add the code 47465, or to review titles in the country and western/folk section, add 1105 to the end of the internet address. Scan available classic war movies shared via Netflix by typing in the code 48744 at the end of the URL for the website.

According to a Business Insider report, the Netflix secret codes work and are very easy to utilize. To watch the hidden content, you simply add the four or five digit codes for the specific genre or subgenre at the end of the Netflix URL typically used to get on the movie and television show streaming website.

For example, to gain access to animal tales sub-genre, type the corresponding code, 5507, after the URL for the website’s category search page into the internet browser search bar —

Sampling of Niche Sub-Genre Netflix Secret Codes

  • Dark Comedies – 869
  • Deep Sea Horror Movies -45028
  • Mockumentaries -26
  • Movies for ages 0 to 2- 6796
  • Movies for ages 2 to 4 – 6218
  • Movies for ages 5 to 7 – 5455
  • Movies for ages 8 to 10 – 561
  • Movies for ages 11 to 12 – 6962
  • Disney Movies – 67673
  • Disney Musicals – 59433
  • Kids Music – 52843
  • Dramas based on Books – 4961
  • Dramas based on real life – 3653
  • Movies based on children’s books – 10056
  • Gangster movies – 31851

Netflix mass appeal categories with additional sub-genres that can supposedly be opened by the secret codes also include anime, children and family movies, classic movies, comedies, cult movies, documentaries, drama, faith and spirituality, gay and lesbian movies, horror movies, independent movies, music documentaries, musicals, science fiction and fantasy films, sports movies, thrillers, and a host of television shows from around the world.

Niche sub-genres shared on the Netflix secret codes lists include suspenseful time travel movies (code 4699) and educational and guidance films — code 4699. Also on the extensive list of unusual sub-genres are titles that appear in the “Visually-Striking Witty” movies section, “Steamy Satires,” and “Witty Detective” movies.

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