WWE Rumors: Will The Undertaker Return At The ‘Survivor Series’ Or Does Kane’s Return Rule It Out?

Back in April of this year, we thought we had seen the last of The Undertaker. When the Deadman lost to Roman Reigns, at WrestleMania 33, he left his trademark hat, coat, and gloves in the ring and walked off into a cloud of smoke. It was widely assumed that The Undertaker had passed his WWE crown to Reigns and that WrestleMania 33 saw the end of an era. Admittedly, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Undertaker has never admitted that his career is over and some reports suggest that the Taker of Souls has four years left on his WWE contract.

Before his apparent retirement from WWE wrestling, it was widely rumored that The Undertaker needed hip-replacement surgery. Many believed the equation to be a very simple one, at 52-years-old Mark Callaway’s body could no longer stand up to the rigors of professional wrestling. The Undertaker’s retirement was inevitable.

Despite no word from The Undertaker, rumors began to circulate, claiming that the Deadman was not finished just yet. Those rumors persist, with Wrestling Inc. claiming that Kane’s return to the WWE ring, at last night’s TLC PPV, indicates that The Undertaker is on his way back. Kane’s return, they suggest, means that The Undertaker is returning to face his storyline brother at the Survivor Series in Houston next month.

The Undertaker Return
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As reported on the official WWE website, Kane joined The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, and Braun Strowman to take on the reformed Shield tag team at the Tables, Ladders, And Chairs PPV. The “official” storyline is that Kane was returning to exact revenge on Roman Reigns for retiring The Undertaker. That plan was thrown into disarray after the TLC card was his by a number of high-profile withdrawals. Both Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns were withdrawn from the TLC card as a result of illness. As reported by the Inquisitr on Saturday, reports have suggested that Reigns has contracted viral meningitis.

If those claims are accurate then it is unlikely that Reigns will be fit to compete in the Survivor Series. That would be a shame, especially if claims that The Undertaker will team with The Shield at Survivor Series are true. Imagine The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and The Shield taking on a heel stable consisting of Kane, Braun Strowman, and the “Miztourage.”

Kane Kurt Angle TLC
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A matchup like that would be a worthy headliner for any PPV event and would continue the Survivor Series tradition of epic five-on-five confrontations.

Of course, rumors of a return of The Undertaker at the Survivor Series are no more than speculation. The India Times points out that The Undertaker has not even hinted at a comeback. They claim that Kane’s return marks a change of direction for WWE storylines, and make The Undertaker’s return less likely.

Of one thing we can be sure, if The Undertaker is making a return at this year’s Survivor Series, we are likely to see the first promos on tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

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