After Harvey Weinstein And James Toback, What More Of The Sexual Harassment In Hollywood Will Be Revealed?

Hollywood was stunned after another movie mogul was entangled in a new sexual harassment case. A famous movie director and screenwriter, James Toback, was accused of sexual harassment by 38 women. This shocking news brought a question: who and what other cases will be unveiled?

The New York City-based screenwriter and director Toback was reported to roam the street in Manhattan or Central Park to search for young talent. His target was young, attractive women in their early 20's. Once he spotted a target, he would approach them and introduce himself.

In his four decades in Hollywood, Toback had so many famous works as a screenwriter and director up his sleeve. Therefore, it would be easy for him to lure young women who were looking to jumpstart their careers in Hollywood. According to the Los Angeles Times, there are 38 women who claimed to be his victims and 31 of them have been interviewed separately to tell their stories.

According to the recorded interviews of his victims, Toback always deployed similar methods. When he approached the target, he would introduce himself and his works. Subsequently, he promised to make them famous. But, he needed to know them "intimately" first, in a private audition.

One of the alleged victims was actress Adrienne LaValley. The native of Seneca Falls, New York said that during the "private" meeting with James Toback in 2008, he allegedly tried to stroke his crotch on her leg. When she refused, he ejaculated in his pants. She felt very disgusted afterward.

"I felt like a prostitute, an utter disappointment to myself, my parents, my friends. And I deserved not to tell anyone."
James Toback is accused of sexual harassment by 38 women.
James Toback during the 2014 AFI Fest on Nov. 10 in Los Angeles [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

In his defense, Toback denied the allegations. He claimed that he had never met them, or else, he said that it is possible that he had met them in a brief encounter. Furthermore, Toback insisted that his health condition has made the allegation impossible because the 72-year-old director suffers a heart problem and diabetes.

This shocking news has revealed a deeper problem of sexual harassment in Hollywood. There may have been more cases and Hollywood moguls other than Harvey Weinstein and James Toback who had conducted such assault.

Previously, there were many victims who did not have the courage to come forward. Last week, actress Rose McGowan urged the women who have become victims of other sexual harassment in Hollywood to come forward and speak up. Her encouragement was soon followed by a new case involving Toback coming to light.[Featured Image by Jcamilobernal/ThinkStock Images]