Is Meghan Markle The New Princess Diana? Insider Claims ‘You Haven’t Seen Anyone Like This Since Diana’

Meghan Markle has been whisked into the royal spotlight, which has allegedly and “expectedly” caused some turmoil. It appears that the confident and poised Suits actress has “ruffled some royal feathers” in the “upper echelons of the British royal family,” but in a “good way.” Sounds like she is changing the stodgy old rules! Could Meghan Markle really be the new Princess Diana?

According to royal author Katie Nicholl, who spoke to Grazia about the American actress, described Prince Harry’s love as a vibrant woman with a well-formed personality. She pays her the ultimate compliment when the author compares Markle to Princess Diana, and calls them both “a breath of fresh air.”

“She’s clearly very self-assured, fearless even. in that respect, she is really a breath of fresh air. She’s not a blank canvas on to which royals can project an image, but already has a clear idea of who she is and what she wants to achieve. You haven’t seen anyone like this since Diana.”

In all fairness to the comparisons, when the young Diana Spencer was plucked from working at a daycare to suddenly thrust into the media spotlight as the probable bride for the forever single Prince Charles, she was not the confident and bold woman she eventually became.

Instead, she was nicknamed “Shy Di,” often tilting her head to the side, in an adorable fashion. When she was photographed in a skirt with a rather sheer fabric, without a proper slip, the media had a heyday, and Diana’s fashion sense was criticized. Yet, she grew into her role and played to her own tune, defied the royal traditions and was loved for it.

Meghan Markle is now 36 years of age, the same age as Princess Diana when she died. Nicholl believes that Markle is so confident that she is not about to be swayed by the royal family in any way that is unsuitable to her core beliefs.

“Meghan doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the royal family. She has taken everything in her stride and handled her foray into the royal family with impressive confidence.”

The Independent describes Harry as always having been a bit of a “rogue, the daring one who didn’t have the same stresses of pomp and decorum as the future King of England.”

Being born the spare to William’s position as heir has always given Harry the freedom to be more relaxed, while much of the seriousness and responsibility has been thrust upon his older brother’s shoulders. Harry has always been more light and jovial, a favorite around the royal staff.

There is a belief that it appears that Meghan Markle has the same “joie de vivre” that Harry is bestowed with, and for that reason, they are declared a perfectly matched couple.


Nicholl agrees that Meghan is a positive influence on Harry and points out that they both share core beliefs that will only make the couple stronger together. Meghan’s influence has been all positive.

“Having observed Harry for the past decade, it’s very apparent to me that she’s had a really positive influence on him. He’s dropped his guard and really seems to be enjoying life. We’ve heard from him more than ever before and he’s been honest about his mother, to his great credit. It feels like he’s met the right woman at the right time in his life.”

But how does this compare to Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife of six years?


Duchess Catherine, mother of two adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate Middleton is a devoted mother and has made it clear that her family always comes first. The proud parents are expecting a third child in April.

Kate Middleton has influenced fashion so much that it has a nickname: the “Kate Effect.” Like Princess Diana, she is a fashion influencer. Whatever Kate wears, how she styles her hair, or when she appears in public in her favorite wedgie shoes, her fans love her style and whatever she wears instantly sells out.

Yet, despite overwhelming love from the public, “the media” has long considered the Duchess of Cambridge a bit “boring and quiet.” Yet, as wife to the future King of England, her role and expectations will always be different from anyone that Prince Harry should marry. It is no surprise that the media are anxiously awaiting the American divorcee actress to finally tie the knot with her prince, and bring a bit of excitement to the royal family.


Do you think that Meghan Markle has the sort of influence of Princess Diana?

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