Taylor Swift Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Knife Wielding Intruder

What would you do to wish your favorite singer a happy birthday? Most of us would just post it on Facebook or Twitter, but Jacob Kulke actually made his way into Taylor Swift’s home posing as her boyfriend to do it in person. He had gotten over the fence and past a secured gate before he was apprehended.

The problem was that nobody was home except her security personnel and possibly housekeepers.

Kulke’s attorney Sean McKinney confirmed to E! News that Tennessee prosecutors decided against pressing charges on his client.

After Kulke was held in the Davidson County Jail on a $10,000 bond, McKinney says he spoke with Swift’s representatives Thursday morning and all involved felt it best not to press forward with the case, says the Examiner. However, prosecutors do have a full year to decide if they want to reopen the case if new evidence or information develops.

McKinney stated a combination of reasons as to why he was able to drop the charges. First, Swift did not have any “No Trespassing” signs posted. Also, Kulke was under the impression he was allowed to go onto the property after allegedly being told by the guards at the house that he could do so, even under a false identity.

Taylor Swift intruder all charges dropped

Kulke’s lawyer noted that Swift’s people “did not see him as a threat” and prosecutors decided the case wasn’t worth wasting taxpayers’ dollars. McKinney remarked about him:

“He is delighted. He wanted to prove that he didn’t trespass and he is thrilled.”

Meanwhile, on a side note, Kulke has an upcoming court appearance on January 29 as he fights extradition back to Colorado. McKinney adds that his client has some probation violations including burglary back in his home state.

Well Jacob Kulke, maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll write a song about you.