Sam Smith Opens Up About His Sexuality And Gender Identity

Sam Smith is about to release his sophomore album, Thrill of It All, which has been heavily anticipated by fans of the singer since the release of his first album back in 2013. While he is about to give his fans all new music to enjoy, the singer has also taken the time to open up about both his sexuality and coming out to the world, as well as his gender identity, in a new interview.

While speaking with The Sunday Times about his upcoming album, Sam Smith opened up about coming out and telling the world that he was gay, and how difficult it was for him at the time. As the singer pointed out, he was only 19-years-old when people started pressing him to admit that he was gay and he felt fear that he might end up doing or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. At the same time, Smith had just started writing his first album and he was alone in London after having moved from a village where he says he was the only person who was gay. All this meant that he really did not know what it was that he wanted to say when it came to coming out to people.


However, now that Sam Smith has come out and grown more comfortable with being an openly gay man in the music industry, the singer is using his own experiences to influence his music. In fact, as E! News reports, a track on Thrill of It All called “Him” is the story of a son who is coming out to his father. Smith also shared that his newest songs are a chance to show how he has grown, and the confidence he has developed over the years. The singer said that he really feels as if his new music is showing who he is and the “gay guy I’ve become.”

Sam Smith also revealed that he likes wearing heels. In fact, he said that he has a number of pairs of heels at home, and this love of feminine fashion is something he has had for years. According to Smith, when he was 17-years-old, he was obsessed with both Marilyn Monroe and Boy George, which led to years where he did not even “own a piece of male clothing.” Sam Smith shared that he would wear full makeup, including eyelashes, to school for years.


The discussion with the singer led to a question in which he was asked if he considered himself to be a cisgender man, to which he showed off his two tattoos of the Venus symbols and simply said “no.” Sam Smith said that he does not necessarily “know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am man.”

While the singer seems more comfortable with himself and who he is, this confidence is what he wants people to be able to hear in his new album, Thrill of It All. Whether it is talking about his gender identity, his sexuality, or his music, Sam Smith is opening up and letting his fans get a glimpse of the man behind the lyrics.

[Featured Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]