’90 Day Fiance’ Star Danielle Mullins’ Shady Past Uncovered After Messy Divorce With Mohamed Jbali

A star of 90 Day Fiance, Danielle Mullins, and her estranged husband, Mohamed Jbali, are now the talk of the town after their controversial divorce. But while she may not admit it, the 43-year-old may also share part of the blame for their failed marriage.

Most of the couples in TLC’s documentary series have issues, but Danielle and Mohamed seem to have the most unpleasant of all. In fact, the Hollywood Gossip is under the impression that the former couple have the “bitterest” divorce there is, considering that one ex is trying to destroy the other by means of lawsuits.

Now, InTouch Weekly is shedding some light toward Mullin’s shady past, as the outlet claims that she shares part of the blame as to why her marriage with the “love of her life,” whom she met online, went down the drain.

According to the outlet, the 90 Day Fiance star was engaging in some nasty behavior in the first two years of her marriage with Mohamed, as well as several encounters with law enforcement years prior to that.

Apparently, the Norwalk, Ohio, resident was charged with felony counts of theft and forgery in 2005, as featured in Starcasm. Based on the outlet, Danielle insisted that she had never been convicted of any felonies.

“My criminal charges don’t count because they are misdemeanors not felonies.”

Starcasm later found out that the TLC star had been charged with felony theft and felony fraud for charges filed on August 4 and August 11, 2005, but was later found guilty of misdemeanor theft.

Aside from that, Mohamed reportedly called authorities to step in after Mullins opened a DirecTV account in his name, destroyed his clothes, and stole money from him shortly after they married in July, 2014, according to InTouch Weekly.

On top of that, the outlet believes that the 90 Day Fiance star “thoroughly enjoys being in the spotlight,” a behavior that has become apparent after she decided to cash in on signed photos of herself.

Finally got pictures for autographs, message or email me for details.

A post shared by Danielle Jbali (@danielle_jbali) on

She also shared pictures of her family on Facebook, although it was unclear whether these are also available for sale to her adoring fans.

“We did some family photos yesterday and I did some single ones also to use for autographs. This is just a preview. I have more coming,” she captioned the images.

Although that may not be directly related to her squabble with her ex-husband, whom she is trying to get deported back to Tunisia, it looks like her money problem is one of the reasons why the relationship ended, in addition to the possibility that there is “something medically or psychologically wrong” with her, as suggested in a Reddit post.

Is there something medically wrong with Danielle? from 90DayFiance

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