Mia Khalifa’s Nude Pics On Instagram: Is The Webcam Star Trying To Get NBA Star Stephen Curry’s Attention?

While Mia Khalifa’s nude pics are not new to the public eye, it seems like it is now being shared online as a way of getting a man’s attention after she posted a controversial photo on Twitter that caused people to think she is flirting with NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

According to the Hollywood Life, the 24-year-old adult film star-turned-sports commentator is trying to grab Curry’s attention on social media after she posted a photo of her pedicured feet by the fire on Twitter.

Based on the outlet’s report, the Out of Bounds host was trying to take a dig at the 29-year-old basketball player’s foot fetish, something that his own wife revealed on social media.

During her appearance in The Real, Ayesha Curry admitted that her husband “really loves” her feet.

“And, so, like, the light was hitting them just right that day, and so I was like, ‘Let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet,'” she said in the show’s October 13 episode.

While it is not Mia Khalifa’s nude pics this time around, the 24-year-old Complex’s Out of Bounds host came under fire for sharing a photo of her own feet with a shout out to the NBA MVP on Twitter, as many social media users accuse her of flirting with a married man.

“No married man with a fine a** woman and a wonderful kid wants to smash an 8 who been ran through on camera,” one of them wrote.

Even Ayesha wasn’t happy about Mia’s dig at her husband’s foot fetish, as an insider from Hollywood Life revealed. She posted that it “was incredibly disrespectful.” The unnamed source even pointed out what the NBA star’s 28-year-old wife thinks about the former adult film star.

“Mia acts like she’s not a porn star anymore, but with low-class moves like this she’s showing her true colors. Ayesha was really disturbed when someone showed her the online flirting by Mia,” the source said.

On top of that, the insider shared a warning from Ayesha, telling Mia to back off and “respect her and her marriage or she will be dealt with.”

Now, Mia Khalifa’s nude pics on Instagram is being linked to the rumors suggesting that she is reportedly still trying to get Stephen Curry’s attention through the racy images.

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Aside from the lingerie selfie she uploaded to the photo-sharing platform, the 24-year-old Out of Bounds co-host also linked her Instagram bio to a webpage where a number of her racy photos are featured. Interestingly enough, some of the images featured the former adult film star completely naked.

Still, neither Mia Khalifa, nor Stephen and Ayesha Curry have officially commented on the brewing rumor about the webcam star’s alleged flirtation with the basketball player, so it is best to take this information with a grain of salt.

Do you think Mia Khalifa’s nude pics were meant to catch Stephen Curry’s attention? Sound off in the comments below.

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