Harry Styles Fans Outraged After He Was Groped Onstage

Harry Styles performed at the Hollywood Bowl for CBS’s Breast Cancer Awareness benefit on Saturday night. Yet, his high-energy performance is not the reason that he’s in the headlines today. Instead, Harry Styles has been trending for getting groped onstage during his set.

Harry was groped onstage by a member of the crowd, during a performance of his song, “Kiwi,” according to E! Online. The incident was caught on tape by several different fans, from several different angles. In the videos, Harry Styles can be seen kneeling down and pumping his arms in front of a group of fans. While there, a girl, who hasn’t been identified, can be seen reaching out and grabbing at his private area.

Harry then appears to push her hand away and retreat to the back of the stage. An eyewitness who spoke to Yahoo UK claims that Harry avoided the section of the stage where the girl was seated for the rest of the night.

“You can tell it freaked him out a little because as he continued performing, he avoided the section that fan was standing in.”

Naturally, the viral videos have ensnared Harry Styles’ fanbase, and now they’re speaking out. Shortly after the news started circulating, thousands of Harry Styles fans worked collectively to trend #RespectHarry on Twitter and other social media channels.

If you delve into the trend, you’ll find scores of fans, and even some non-fans, condemning the girl who groped Harry and offering the singer emotional support.

A common theme among many of the tweets is also condemnation for society’s handling of male sexual assault victims. According to some of the tweeters, males are not taken as seriously as their female counterparts when it comes to being sexually assaulted. It’s because of what they feel is a double standard that this girl even felt comfortable enough to grope Harry. Had this been a female celebrity, the perpetrator wouldn’t have felt as emboldened, say some of the tweeters.

What do you think about Harry Styles fan allegedly groping him? Do you think that she should be punished? Do you think that Harry Styles will make a statement about it? You can sound off in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Kevin Winters/Getty Images]