‘Fox & Friends’ Being Called ‘Racist’ After Dressing Up Black Child As A Watermelon In Halloween Segment

Every Halloween, there is plenty of controversy surrounding different Halloween costumes.

As the Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, people were recently outraged by the “sexualized” version of the Eleven from Stranger Things costume after seeing the costume altered to include a lower cut neckline and a shorter skirt. People felt that the costume was “too adult” for a character played by a young child actress. But today, there has been outrage over another Halloween costume, only this time it’s for a completely different reason.

According to AOL, Fox & Friends aired a segment over the weekend on children’s Halloween costumes. The show included a variety of different, cute costume ideas for kids to wear this upcoming Halloween including an emoji costume and a robot costume. But it was a different costume in particular that is causing a ton of backlash against the show.

Viewers were completely outraged to see a young black child dressed as a watermelon slice while the hosts of the show thought nothing of any racial insensitivity when they introduced the costume.

‘”Now we’re going to have some organic fruit,” one host exclaimed.

Right after, a young black child named Lucas ran out in his watermelon costume which was complete with green pants, a green zip-up hoodie, and a red shirt with a bunch of watermelon seeds. Another young boy emerged on the screen soon after in a pineapple costume.

Since it aired over the weekend, viewers have been voicing their opinions on social media, calling the Fox News show “racist.” On YouTube, the segment has already gotten over 17,000 views in just a short time, with many of the comments ripping into the show, their producers, and the hosts.

“Good grief. How to insult intelligent people with another moronic display of overt racism,” one viewer said.

“Why doesn’t this surprise me?” another chimed in.

While a handful of viewers were just angry with the show in general, a handful of others made it a political issue since the Fox News channel is known for their conservative reporting.

“Republicans and their racism doesn’t even shock me at this point.”

On the flip side, others who watched the segment thought that people were overreacting to the whole thing. One black viewer said that even though he is a person of color, he did not find the segment at all offensive and said that he believes Americans have become too sensitive and find the need to make every single issue about race. A few other people even argued that the child isn’t even black, saying that he appears to be hispanic.

Do you find the costume offensive?

[Featured Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]