Sherin Mathews Body Likely Found: 3-Year-Old Girl Forced To Stand In Alley At 3 A.M. In Coyote Area [Video]

Wesley Mathews is the father of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, a girl whose body has “most likely” been found, according to the Richardson Texas Police Department. According to KSAT, Wesley was arrested and accused of abandoning and endangering Sherin, when Mathews allegedly forced the little girl to stand outside in the middle of the night around 3 a.m. in order to punish Sherin for not drinking her milk. A search for Sherin ensued when Wesley claimed that he went back outside after 15 minutes to try and find Sherin, but said that she was missing.

Mathews drew outrage well beyond his suburban Dallas home after details of the case went viral. Now authorities have reported that the remains of a child have been found on Sunday, during their search for the 3-year-old Sherin. As seen in the below press conference video from the Facebook page of the Richardson Police Department, authorities reported that the body of a child had been found in a tunnel below a road. They believe that the body found is “most likely” Mathews. However, police are seeking a positive ID of the body prior to confirming that the body belongs to Sherin.

The location of the body that police believe is Sherin was located approximately one half-mile away from Sherin’s house.

As the medical examiner works to figure out Sherin’s cause of death, outrage about the circumstances under which Sherin went missing has grown. Sherin was reportedly made to stand in an alley behind her home. According to NBC, items within the Mathews home were confiscated, including a washer and dryer. Although Wesley was arrested the day Sherin went missing, authorities have not yet arrested anyone as of this writing for the death of the child, prior to positive identification of the body.

Sherin’s mother and father have been made aware of the discovery of the body. According to ABC13, Sherin was allegedly forced to stand near a tree where Wesley said he knew coyotes roamed. On October 7, an AMBER Alert was issued for Sherin, who was last seen that day in black pajama pants and a pink top.


[Featured Image by Richardson Texas Police Department/AP Image]