Corinne Olympios And DeMario Jackson Get Cozy At Halloween Party 4 Months After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Scandal

Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have come a long way since their summertime estrangement. The short-term Bachelor in Paradise stars were photographed playfully posing together at Maxim’s Halloween party in Los Angeles and, yes, they looked very chummy.

Us Weekly posted photos of Corinne Olympios dressed up as a sexy silvery robot (or maybe a fem-bot, as her sidekick suggested), while DeMario Jackson donned a leather jacket and biker costume for Maxim’s Halloween bash. Although some social media fans questioned if the Bachelor in Paradise stars are currently dating, Corinne and DeMario have long insisted they are just friends. And they are still sticking to that story, despite the fact that every picture of them seems to tell a different story.

“We’re extremely close,” Jackson told Us. “We talk, like, every day. We hang out. We do things that friends do.”

Corinne also explained the duo’s unlikely friendship, telling Us she simply hangs out with DeMario a lot and that she is happy they can just go to events as friends and “and have no worries about any drama or anything like that.”

Still, Jackson doesn’t deny that Corinne Olympios is “the most drop dead gorgeous girl in the world.”


Corinne and DeMario may have a drama-free friendship now, but over the summer a Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal told a different story. After production for the show was shut down to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, Olympics and Jackson opted not to return to the ABC reality show even after it was found that there was no wrongdoing.

Last month, Corinne and DeMario were spotted holding hands while in Disneyland, prompting rampant dating rumors. At the time, sources told TMZ Corinne and DeMario were not dating and that the reported hand holding was just for a split second as the two pals happened to touch hands.

Of course, if Corinne and DeMario are dating, they probably wouldn’t tell anybody. The couple seems to thrive on the speculation and they definitely get more mileage out of the “will they or won’t they” vibe than if they were to come clean to their fans.

Check out Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson posing together on the Maxim Halloween party red carpet below.

[Featured Image by Paul Hebert/ABC]