Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Speak Out About ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Drama

This past weekend, casts from both Teen Mom franchises appeared in Los Angeles to film a reunion special. According to reports, Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, pulled out a knife and started popping balloons after he was refused service at the bar. Thinking it was gunshots, the crew halted the production until everything was straightened out.

But that isn’t the only crazy thing that happened this weekend. According to insiders, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend, Ashley, got into a huge fight complete with cursing in front of all of the cast, crew and children of the show. But Jenelle Evans took to social media, as usual, to set the record straight.

Jenelle Evans stated that David was only popping the balloons because they were in his way, which to them, sounds like a reasonable excuse. Briana DeJesus, another cast member on Teen Mom 2, however, corroborated that David was trying to get around the balloons and wasn’t popping them out of anger.

Jenelle then took to Instagram Live to tell her side of the story of the fight with Ashley. According to Jenelle, she saw Ashley talking to MTV cameras after vowing she would never film. Jenelle told someone next to her that she thought she wasn’t ever going to film and Ashley started cursing and swearing at her.

Jenelle Evans also claimed that Doris, Nathan’s mother, would not let her see Kaiser or give him a hug, despite the fact that it was Nathan’s weekend with him. Jenelle maintains that she went in for a hug before leaving the studio and Doris blocked her from her son.

Nathan, however, took to Periscope to detail his side of the story. He says that Jenelle Evans was the one acting aggressively toward his girlfriend and that Jenelle started the fight. He also claims that things got so scary that Chelsea Houska DeBoer, fellow Teen Mom cast mate, grabbed Kaiser and rushed him to safety in her dressing room.

While as of now, all fans can go by is “he said, she said,” it will definitely be telling to see what the MTV cameras captured when the reunion finally airs.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]