Donald Trump Jr. Posts Superhero Photo Of His Dad — Social Media Whips Out Kryptonite

Donald Trump Jr. posted a rather bizarre picture of his father, Donald Trump, dressed up like a superhero on the cover of a fake Time Magazine over the weekend, opening up a mocking event across the social media sites. In the picture, which is seen below in the article, the superhero uniform resembles one worn by Superman, with a “T” replacing the “S” on the chest of a Superman-like costume. You can see the beginning of the red cape tucked around Trump’s neck in the picture.

Whoever created the embellished photo took liberties with Trump’s hair and body. His typical comb-over is present, but it is a flattened-out version, keeping his hair more cropped to his head than usual. His toned body would rival today’s bodybuilders.

What is probably the most striking of Trump’s fabricated assets in the picture, is Trump’s facial hair, which is something many are pointing out on the social media sites. This image shows Trump with a “long golden beard,” describes the Daily Mail. The beard is rather scruffy, resembling one that might be grown on a lumberjack or old sea captain who has been without the luxury of a razor for a while.

Superhero Trump’s uniform is tight, tight enough to show off some very well-formed muscles that bulk up his shoulders, arms, and chest area. Once you get past the Popeye-like muscles, the Trump superhero is slimmed down in a “V”-like shape to his middle, or his waist. The confident grin that Trump is sporting is very fitting of a superhero.

Donald Trump Jr. posted this picture below to his Instagram account and he only wrote a few words to go along with it, “Have a great weekend everyone.” He didn’t mention what the picture was all about or even how it came to be. Apparently, this is how the proud son of Donald Trump sees his dad.

IR Net suggests that seeing Trump on the cover of a fakeTime Magazine is “nothing new.” They report “he had a fake cover hanging at several of his hotels for years.” They also suggest that this latest Time Magazine fake cover makes the president “out to be quite physically fit, strong and powerful.”

They also added their own thoughts by saying, “I’m sure many American’s don’t feel as though such an image shows the true nature of this man, who seems to tweet more often than he exercises.” Still, there are other folks who see this as an accurate portrayal of Trump, maybe not in body shape and hair, but as a superhero ready to get Washington back in order. Some see Trump as “Making America Great Again,” which is the motto seen on the Trump superhero’s image.

According to the Daily Mail, it didn’t take long for Trump the superhero picture to light up the social media sites after his son posted it to his Instagram page. They also report how social media users “took delight in ridiculing Present Donald Trump’s oldest son on Saturday for posting this picture depicting his father as a superhero.” Some of the comments aimed at Donald Trump Jr. on his Instagram post of his superhero dad were rather mean.

One commenter said, ” ‘Except your pops is obese and can’t grow facial hair. Very sad’ and ‘OMG this HAS to be satire!’ The Daily Mail reports that “Twitter users were just “as brutal: as the folks posting comments on Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram page. There is an overabundance of comments to gaze over that cover the gamut from liking to disliking this picture, along with all other types of thoughts in between.

The tweets ranged from “comical to disturbing,” depending on who was sending out the tweet. As usual, there were different takes on the Superhero Trump from those who support Trump and from those who don’t. As of mid-afternoon on Sunday, the Trump superhero magazine cover had almost 66k in “likes,” so it would seem that there are people out there finding something they like about this depiction of Trump.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]