WWE Rumors: Will The Undertaker Return Tonight And Show Up During The Main Event Of ‘TLC’?

There is a lot of speculation flying around regarding tonight’s WWE pay-per-view event, but there may be an even bigger rumor that is taking the spotlight for TLC. When The Shield came back together, it was huge for everyone, and the name of The Undertaker started getting thrown around. Kane’s return this past week on Raw made the talk even louder, but is “The Deadman” really going to make his WWE comeback this evening?

No matter what, there will always be rumors that The Undertaker is going to return to battle inside a WWE ring once again. At WrestleMania 33, he lost to Roman Reigns and without it ever being confirmed by WWE or himself, it seemed as if The Undertaker had retired and was done with wrestling for good.

The Shield reunion was a big enough storyline on its own, but Kane’s return last week on Monday Night Raw made everyone question everything. Wrestling Inc. reported that Kane’s return as a heel is to get payback on Roman Reigns for retiring his brother, and that could eventually set up the return of The Undertaker.

After all of the changes made to the TLC card in the last couple of days, will The Undertaker really be back in WWE tonight?

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The rumors going around said that The Undertaker would return and side with The Shield against the team of The Bar, The Miz, Braun Strowman, and Kane. He would show respect to Roman Reigns for defeating him at WrestleMania 33, and all would work out just fine.

Well, Roman Reigns is no longer going to be at TLC due to the illness going around the locker room. As Sportskeeda is reporting, it would make no sense for The Undertaker to be there if Reigns isn’t, and that means he likely won’t show up tonight.

Of course, the rumors have now changed to say The Undertaker could return at next month’s Survivor Series, but that doesn’t make any sense either. WWE is heading in the direction of Raw vs. SmackDown matches for that PPV as evidenced by Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar being set up this past week.

So, to recap, there is little to no chance of The Undertaker returning tonight at TLC.

Tonight’s WWE pay-per-view still looks as if it will be a very good one on paper, and that is even with all of the changes made in the last few days. Kurt Angle’s addition to the main event and in-ring return is helping take the focus off of the alterations, but rumors of The Undertaker’s return continue to fly. While anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling, the loss of Roman Reigns for TLC doesn’t really help the idea that The Deadman is coming back.

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