Tom Cruise Testimony To Be Kept Top Secret Until Trial

Tom Cruise recently sat down in front of a video camera to talk to investigators about a wiretapping case. But don’t expect to see Tom Cruise’s testimony anytime soon. Before the actor sat down to talk about the case he laid out strict guidelines to make sure that the video would never leak to the public.

According to Radar Online, Cruise gave his testimony a few days before Christmas at the Mandarin Hotel in New York. Cruise reportedly talked about a lawsuit that was filed by Michael Davis Sapir in 2009 against the actor and his attorney, Bert Fields. Sapir claims that Cruise and Fields hired private investigator Anthony Pellicano to tap his phones.

Why would Cruise want to listen in on Sapir’s phone calls? In the early 2000 Sapir put out a half million dollar reward for anyone who could provide proof that Cruise was gay. Cruise sued Sapir after the magazine editor claimed that he was given a videotape proving that Cruise was gay. The Christian Post reports that Sapir ended up settling with Cruise at the end of that case and it was later established that the video never existed.

Now Cruise is dealing with Sapir again.

The actor reportedly gave a three hour video testimony on December 18 about the wiretapping case. But before Cruise sat down to talk about the case he laid down some ground rules to make sure that the tape would never go public.

According to Radar Online, Cruise said that only “one original videotape of the disposition shall be made.” He also allegedly said that “no copies of the videotape, or any video or audio portions thereof, may be made and no one other than the counsel for the Parties and the Custodian, as defined below, may have access to the videotape.”

Cruise also allegedly put the video tapes in the hands of a bodyguard, or videotape guard, to make sure that only authorized eyes get to see it.

Cruise also made it clear that Sapir would not be allowed to see the tape until it was played at trial. After the trial, the video will go directly back to his lawyers.

What do you think Tom Cruise says on his super-secret testimony video?