‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Tells Andre That Drew Q Is Alive — Shrink Stunned But Helpful

General Hospital spoilers promise a Monday that’s full of Franco (Roger Howarth) drama. Last week on GH, fans watched in shock as Franco deftly lied to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and told her that there was no Q twin. Franco told Liz that he went back to his adoptive mom Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) who admitted that she lied and the kid wasn’t a Quartermaine twin. Obviously, Franco is trying to make sure that Liz doesn’t run to Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) with the truth of a missing twin. Franco wants to find Drew first.

Franco confides in Andre

On the Monday, October 23, General Hospital spoilers video, we see Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) standing by Franco’s painting of the two boys. Andre tells Franco that he’s been expecting him and Franco sits down for another couch session. Not only does Franco come clean to Andre about Jason having a twin that’s very much alive, he tells the psychiatrist that he lied to Liz to stop her from blabbing to Jason about a dead brother. Andre is surprised to learn that Jason has a twin and the guy is alive and out in the world. Franco must find his childhood friend.


Also on Monday, Liz stops by Franco’s art therapy at General Hospital and wants to know what he’s drawing. The sketch on Franco’s doodle pad looks a lot like Steve Burton. Franco’s obsession, before his tumor was removed, was with Jason-1 (Steve Burton), so knowing that the missing kid would look like Burton has him obsessed with that face once again. Of course, GH viewers know one of the twins has Billy Miller’s face, and one has Steve Burton’s face, and both seem to think they’re Jason. But only Burton’s guy has perfect intact memories.

Will missing Q find Franco first?

As Franco’s art continues to turn dark, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that Andre grows more concerned about his troubled patient later in the week. There’s also the fact that Jason-1 (Burton) doesn’t know that Franco is reformed, tumor-free, and no longer a murderous madman. GH spoilers tease that while Franco is on the hunt for the missing Q twin, one of the twins will accost Franco. Jason-1 will be stunned to see Franco canoodling with Liz and hanging with Jake Webber (Hudson West) and is infuriated.


So while Franco is chasing the missing Q kid, it looks like he’s being stalked in return. GH spoilers from Soap Central promise that Franco keeps Andre updated and the WSB shrink tries to guide Franco on his quest for answers, but keep him going in a healthy direction. Franco doesn’t want to be the man he once was and definitely doesn’t want to lose Liz, so he’s walking a thin and dangerous line. Can Andre keep Franco on track? Since Andre was a WSB profiler, he knows how the unhinged mind ticks, so he’s the perfect accomplice for Franco.

Franco could lose Liz — because of two Jasons and lies

General Hospital spoilers promise Liz takes Franco at face value, but she won’t be happy when the truth comes out. There’s also the matter of two Jasons in Port Charles. Could Franco lose Liz if she decides to make a play for one of the two? There’s a major confrontation coming when Franco’s lies – and Jason-1 are revealed. Franco is so close to being “normal” and having a life worth living, but this Q twin mystery has plunged him back into the familiar waters of obsession. Franco needs closure, and he’ll soon get it — but it might cost him Liz’s love.


Jason-2 (Miller) might also prove problematic since he and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) are sure that Franco has hatched a plot against them based on Liz and Franco telling him they need to talk. With the mystery of the note sent to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) got on Friday, the latest GH promo for Monday looks like Jason-2 suggests to Sonny that Franco sent it and is back to his old mind games. This could be an interesting twist. Check back soon for more General Hospital spoilers.

[Featured Image by Carol Kaelson/ABC]