Angelina Jolie Speaks Out On ‘Vulnerability Of Girls’ And How Attention Must Be Paid To Issue

In the wake of the multitude of allegations recently brought against disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein, a number of notable female figures are speaking out in support of voices of vulnerable young women and girls to be heard. One such figure is Angelina Jolie, also a star who has a history with Weinstein and has made claims against the producer.

Jolie is currently focusing on her role as executive producer of the animated feature of The Breadwinner, and as CBC noted, the star draws attention to the message within the film and award-winning novel that encourages female empowerment.

The publication spoke exclusively to the star, who shared her take on how the film and novel, written by Canadian author Deborah Ellis, which shines a spotlight on the strength of young women in such a violent world.

“It sheds light on a country that I think is an extraordinary country but has been through so much. It sheds light on girls’ issues, and war, poverty, violence.”

During the interview, which was the first time Jolie has spoken out since she admitted her own unpleasant history with Weinstein, Angelina did not comment on the scandal involving the Hollywood producer, but instead stated that women and girls are vulnerable and need a voice and an outlet.

Additional words were stated by male producers involved in the making of the film, who also emphasized that not only women, but men too need to empower women.

Anthony Leo, a Canadian producer who assisted on the film’s making, spoke on the subject.

“It’s a reminder that today is no different. As much as when it was in Parvana’s story in 2001, it’s important for men to step forward and to voice their support of women.”

Leo then added that there are a vast number of ways to support women and girls, including “fighting for girls’ education,” and in the case of the world of film, it can mean “supporting women in the workplace,” and “providing equal opportunities on film sets.”

The Breadwinner is an award-winning novel which follows the story of an Afghan girl named Parvana, who must disguise herself as a boy to help her family survive, while her father is imprisoned.

Jolie added during her interview that “The vulnerability of girls around the world is something that we just can’t do enough to bring attention to and to focus on.”

Angelina Jolie has recently focused her attention on human rights issues within the films she has worked on. The beauty’s most recent directorial effort was on the critically acclaimed film First They Killed My Father– set in Cambodia during the genocide that was brought on by Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s. As Harper’s Bazaar stated, the film is certainly Oscar-worth.

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