Zombie Car Wreck Too Much Gore For Neighbors? Police Called On N.J. Family’s Halloween Display

When you first come upon a bloody body pinned against a tree by a Toyota that is also splashed with blood, it looks so realistic that its turning heads, which is what this New Jersey family was going for when decking out their front lawn for Halloween. The Negrottos wanted people to notice this zombie car wreck and they have, it is making national news today.

While getting into the spirit of Halloween and meaning no harm by this zombie car wreck display, the family thought it was all good. That is until the cops came knocking at their front door. The Negrottos aimed for realistic with their Halloween display, but it was too realistic for a few of their Ocean Township neighbors, who summoned the police with complaints, according to NJ.com.

The police told Krysten Negrotto, 27, that they are mandated by law to follow-up on the phone calls, so they came out to the house, but after seeing the display they thought it was “pretty creative,” and encouraged the family to add even more to the display, said Negrotto.

“We mean no harm by it,” said Krysten Negrotto, 27. “We don’t mean to offend anyone. We do it for the love of Halloween. We just want kids to enjoy like we did as kids.”

The family went all out on this display with Kevin Negrotto, Krysten’s husband, conjuring up a backstory on the zombie car wreck. The dummy that is “splayed on the hood” of the car is named “Zombie Bob.” The story has Zombie Bob drinking water that was contaminated from a nearby power plant. The car is a Toyota Supra, which Kevin uses for drift racing. They detached the front bumper for purposes of the display and the added touch of the crime scene tape really pulls the entire display together.

While the Negrottos have found most folks in the neighborhood to be pretty positive about this Halloween display, there are a few that are not happy with it. Krysten said they’ve even been yelled at by people in a passing car that they are going to “grow up to be horrible individuals.”

Krysten and Kevin are new to the Mizzen Way neighborhood and Kevin said he was surprised by the negative responses they’ve heard from a few folks. The couple compared their zombie car wreck to similar scenes that you would see on a haunted hayride for the Halloween holiday.

Not everyone is against this Halloween display, a local pool company asked the Negrottos if they would replace the shirt that Zombie Bob is wearing with one of theirs that is advertising their business. It sounds as if the display is staying because a “Zombie Cindy” is in the works for the display. They are giving Zombie Bob a companion.

One of the new trends in television shows seems to be zombies over the last few years, with The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and Z Nation being three of the more popular zombie shows on TV today. For those who love Halloween and who are infatuated with the latest zombie shows, this display would seem to be right up their alley.

[Featured Image by Prath/Shutterstock]