‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Spoilers: Is There Danger Ahead For Jo And Alex?

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy is underway, and it looks like some troubling times are ahead for Jo and Alex. With Jo’s husband bound to return to the show this season, will his appearance create a dangerous situation for Alex and Jo?

According to Pop Sugar, Jo’s husband, Paul (Matthew Morrison), has been confirmed to appear in part of Season 14. Morrison even went as far to say that his character has a big part in the new season, which suggests he won’t appear in just one episode. As fans will recall, Alex tracked Paul down in Season 13 and exchanged some brief small talk with the man. The trip only took Alex a day, which indicates that Paul isn’t that far from Grey Sloan Memorial in Seattle.

Jo has been acting fairly paranoid about her abusive ex this season. Not only did she tell Ben about her dark secret, but she also asked Meredith to take her name off some important medical paperwork because she didn’t want Paul tracking her down through the hospital. It’s clear that Grey’s Anatomy is building up towards an epic encounter between Jo and Paul, the only question is how it might affect Jo’s life and those around her.


There’s a possibility that Paul randomly shows up at Grey Sloan Memorial and confronts Jo head on. Jo and Alex probably won’t react well to his appearance, and it sounds like he’s planning on staying in Jo’s life for a while. Whether or not this prompts Alex to act on behalf of Jo is yet to be seen.


According to BuddyTV, Alex just got over his anger problem, and Jo is starting to trust him more. In fact, the couple’s romance has kicked into high gear this season, and although marriage is still at the back of their minds, it looks like they are finally ready to turn a corner. Jo’s husband returning could throw a big wrench into their plans and set their relationship back a few steps. Of course, there’s also the chance that Paul’s appearance could drive them closer as they lean on each other for support.

Catch all the drama when Grey’s Anatomy returns after a short hiatus this Thursday on ABC. Check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.

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