Taylor Swift ‘Gorgeous’ Diss: Calvin Harris Annoyed, Wants Ex-Girlfriend To Move On After Split

Taylor Swift has certainly given Calvin Harris the impression that her latest single “Gorgeous” was inspired by their relationship, according to a new report.

The music producer, who dated Taylor until 2016 was shocked when she reportedly pulled the plug on the romance, with Harris telling his fans at the time that the breakup happened via a measly text message.

It goes without saying that the DJ was heartbroken by the split but has since managed to move on with his life and forget about the awful way things ended between him and Taylor Swift.

But with the release of “Gorgeous” earlier this week, Harris is said to be annoyed that she’s still subliminally referencing him and their relationship in her music, especially since he wasn’t the one who called it quits.

According to Hollywood Life, upon hearing the new track, Calvin was convinced that Taylor Swift had written the song about her romance with the British-born superstar.

With lyrics such as “I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us / He’s in the club doing I don’t know what,” the 33-year-old is bothered by the idea that Swift is still finding it in herself to piece together a song about an old relationship.

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A source explains that Calvin doesn’t even think about Taylor Swift these days. He’s happy for her groundbreaking success in the music industry but thinks she needs to stop beating a dead horse and write material that’s not about him.

Though the line in “Gorgeous” didn’t seem malicious, Harris just doesn’t want any part in Taylor Swift’s music — he doesn’t want to be referenced, nor does he want his relationship addressed in any songs.


Another insider went on to say that Taylor Swift has made a career through talking down on her exes, as claimed by Calvin, but in his honest opinion, it seems rather strange for her to continue using the same formula and not tackle something new.

Since the breakup happened well over a year ago, the hitmaker did not think that Taylor Swift would release a song about their time together, but she has and it’s clearly not sitting well with him.

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