Taylor Swift Supports Pink Amid Kim Kardashian Feud: Finds Women Who Sell Sex Disgusting?

Taylor Swift is standing behind Pink in her reported feud with Kim Kardashian, it’s been alleged.

The singer, who will be releasing her forthcoming record, Reputation, next month, is commending Pink for standing up against the reality star, who she blasted last year, saying that the 37-year-old constantly sells sex to be famous.

The comments were brought up again during a recent interview with Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, causing quite the controversy on social media with Kim’s fans, but Taylor Swift is backing her musical pal all the way.

Swift finds it impressive that the 38-year-old has no filter when it comes to Kardashian, who they are both disgusted by, Hollywood Life claims.

Taylor Swift is horrified by the supposed fact that Kim is constantly sharing nude photos of herself; it doesn’t make her any of the things she supposedly stands for, such as a feminist, independent, and hard working.

Those words seem more fitting for Pink, Taylor Swift allegedly believes, claims the source.

With Swift being just weeks away from dropping her latest album, there’ll be plenty of songs on the record that will address the former country artist’s feud with Kardashian, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and others, but in terms of publicly acknowledging Kim, Taylor is so over it.


A source tells the news outlet that Taylor is done with Kim — she feels like she’s invested enough energy into her feud with the mother-of-two, but it hasn’t stopped her from commanding those who feel similar about Kardashian.

Having heard about Pink’s detest for someone who uses nothing but their body to be famous and successful, Taylor Swift has found a new respect for the “Just Like Fire” hitmaker, whom she has always been a fan of for her outspoken personality.

While Swift isn’t fond of the reality star, she’s given up on breathing life into something that she sees no interest in anymore.

Her forthcoming album, where she reportedly talks about being branded a snake amongst other nasty terms, is her way of giving closure to a situation she wants to forget from her mind, and of course to tell her side of the story to her fans.

Taylor Swift has made it clear she definitely isn’t a fan of Kim anymore.

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