Johnny Depp Considered One Of Least Profitable Actors Of Past Decades, ‘Pirates’ Films Can’t Revitalize Career

Johnny Depp has been a notable actor for three decades now and has taken on a number of roles within films that cause him to stand out among the rest. From Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow, there is a reason that Johnny Depp is so beloved by fans and has managed to find his place so solidly in Hollywood.

Despite making millions and captivating audiences with his quirky performances and brooding good looks, Depp is reportedly one of the least profitable actors from the last three decades. This is a surprising bit of news seeing as it was only in recent years that Johnny Depp was named the most overpaid actor in Hollywood by Forbes Magazine and later fell off the top twenty list for highest paid actors.

A new survey that has been conducted, which calculates the budget of films actors have starred in and subtracted them from the overall amount made across North America on each film between 1980 and 2017, concludes that Johnny Depp has made production companies a mere 20 cents per $1 spent.

Entertainment Ie notes details from the said survey.

“Johnny Depp only made studios a measly 20 cents per $1 spent whilst Robert DeNiro and Hugh Jackman made a measly 24 and 25 cents respectively. The worst, however, was Brad Pitt – who, according to survey, brought in just 10 cents on the dollar. “

The publication does admit that the survey only included profits made on films within North America, meaning that earnings would be much higher if global totals were included.

Johnny Depp has experienced ongoing negative press over the last couple of years due to starring in films that have not fared entirely well at the box office. In addition, nasty divorce proceedings, an allegation of abuse by his ex-wife Amber Heard, which Depp has denied and was dismissed from the proceedings, and ongoing legal drama, has still left a cloud hanging over the star.

Despite the troublesome time in his personal life, Johnny Depp has continued to move forward and do what he does best. The actor gave another fantastic performance as Jack Sparrow in the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and also stars in the latest film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express.

It’s no secret that Johnny Depp is in a bit of a financial bind at the moment seeing as the star has sued his former management team for alleged fraud and mismanagement of his $400 million fortune. TMG executives, the Mandel brothers, have laid Depp’s spending bare, which was dismissed as irrelevant by the judge overseeing the suit.

The latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean was hoped to be the revitalization that Depp needed for his career and to remind critics of his capabilities onscreen, yet movie critics have piped in stating that Captain Jack is not as essential to the films success and that the franchise should focus on a different character in any upcoming installments.

Forbes focused on this in a recent article that reminded fans of the franchise that Jack Sparrow was not the lead in the beginning, and should not be in upcoming films, stating “First and foremost, they need to get back to the root of the series. While Captain Jack Sparrow was the breakout character in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, he was not the outright lead.”

It’s clear that Johnny Depp has endeared fans to his performances in the franchise, yet, another hit is needed to fully give his acting career the resuscitation required to get him back on top as a highest paid and respected actor. Recent events in his personal life, certainly have not made things easy for Depp to achieve this, but Johnny has a number of films lined up over the next two years within which he’ll star.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]