Angelina Jolie Reportedly Wanted To Find Love First And Is ‘Going Crazy’ Brad Pitt Is Ready To Date

Reports are everywhere that Brad Pitt has moved on after his split from Angelina Jolie and is ready to date again; some even claim that he is interested in 21-year-old actress Ella Purnell. Is the fact that Pitt is over his ex and ready to find love again driving Jolie crazy?

According to a source at Hollywood Life, the Maleficent actress is “about to lose her mind” over Pitt wanting to find someone new, especially because she isn’t ready yet. But, she “hates the idea” of him finding a new love before her, so she is starting to look for a new man. In the meantime, she is keeping a close eye on Pitt via mutual friends, so she knows everything that is going in his love life.

“Right now, Angelina has not started dating, but she has been getting closer to pulling the trigger,” the source revealed. “Hearing Brad is looking to date again made her feel motivated to find someone too. Even though her mind really isn’t in that space, she hates the idea of ‘losing’ to him.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were together for over a decade, and they have six children, so it makes sense that it would be hard for them to move on to a new chapter in their lives. But, is Jolie having that much trouble with the idea of Pitt with another woman?

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GossipCop says it’s absolutely not true.

The site reminds their readers that in the past six months Hollywood Life has published a string of stories about Jolie and Pitt that are contradictory, including one that claimed Jolie was “prepping for a wedding.” Another that said she was dating a “mystery man,” then one that said she didn’t have time for a relationship and only had a “lover,” and now they publish a story that says she wants to find love first.

After debunking the entire article, GossipCop pointed out that if the webloid truly had an insider close to Jolie and Pitt, it wouldn’t be publishing such contrasting information. The truth-telling site shares that their insider said Jolie is nowhere close to “crazy” about Pitt dating again.

It turns out, stories about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and still extremely popular, and Hollywood Life was looking for traffic.

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