‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sheila’s Plan Exposed As Mateo Confessed To Quinn, Bill & Liam Make Up!


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for October 23 – 27 will be full of conflicts as secrets and damaging plots are revealed. But while it will be a hectic week in Los Angeles, there will also be some touching scenes that will surely warm the hearts of the viewers.

Mateo Seduces Quinn

The week in The Bold and the Beautiful will start with Mateo choosing to confess that he is actually on a mission. Sheila will put more pressure on the masseuse so he can complete his task fast, because she cannot wait any longer.

It can be recalled that Mateo started to work for Sheila and their goal is to ruin Quinn and Eric’s marriage. Sheila wants a new Quinn cheating scandal to explode, as soon as possible, so she can have Eric for herself.

However, the secret plan was revealed by Mateo to Quinn during the massage session. He was making his move to seduce Quinn by slowly moving his hand, lower and lower, on her body.

With what he was doing, Quinn noticed something was not right and got more confused when Mateo asked her if she wants him to stop. Quinn got annoyed and will firmly state that she is not interested.

She does not want to betray Eric ever again so Mateo’s actions just placed him in a tricky situation, as Quinn might even fire him for crossing the line. The Bold and the Beautiful preview tease that Mateo decided to come clean before things get worst for him.


He will admit that his plan to seduce her was really Sheila’s idea because she wanted to be Eric’s next wife. Mateo will further confess that he was paid to carry out the evil plan. Naturally, Quinn was enraged and she will think of a way to deal with Sheila later.

Without realizing that Quinn already knows about her dark intentions, Sheila started to move as well. While with Eric, she hinted that his wife could cheat again by telling him that Quinn and Mateo appear to be too close. Eric may not respond to this comment, but Sheila can look forward to an ugly feud with Quinn.

Bill and Liam Tearful Reconciliation

The Bold and the Beautiful will show some heartwarming scenes when Bill and Liam Spencer finally reunite. Steffy will once again attempt to reconcile the feuding father and son as their conflict is already at its worst.


After all that he had done, Liam fears that his father will take his revenge. But the unthinkable happened when Liam and Bill faced each other when the latter reinstated himself as CEO of Spencer Publications.

After a short confrontation, Bill told Liam how angry and betrayed he felt when he chose to go against him. While Liam was thinking what his father might do to him in retaliation, he was very surprised instead.

Rather than hearing hurtful words, Bill apologized to Liam. The younger Spencer was left even more speechless when his father said he loves him and wants them to patch things up.

Bill went on to say that he wants his son and family back and this touched Liam so much that he also told Bill he loves him. Lastly, the two men forgave one another and sealed their reconciliation with a tearful, tight embrace.

[Featured Image by Howard Wise for JPI Studios/CBS]