Alec Baldwin Hints At Run For President In 2020 — Has More In Common With Trump Than ‘SNL’ Impersonation?

The thought of Alec Baldwin eyeing the White House for 2020 may raise a few eyebrows today. While Baldwin does play the role of the president on Saturday Night Live, its a far cry from actually being the president of the nation.

Reports today indicate that Baldwin might have offered his real-life Oval Office intentions in a “cryptic message” on the Alec Baldwin Foundation (ABF) account over the weekend, according to E Online.

Baldwin won an Emmy last month for his portrayal of a caricature of Trump in the many Saturday Night Live satirical skits he’s done so far. The 59-year-old actor “retweeted on Friday a cryptic tweet that may or may not be a joke,” according to Xfinity.

Baldwin racked up over 3,ooo “likes” for his cryptic words. “If I run for a President, think of how entertaining the debates would be,” was the message Baldwin posted to his foundation’s account. The many “likes” indicated he had some support for his White House intentions or for his joke, whichever turns out to be. If he is serious about a run for the White House some folks passed along in their comments on how they are not looking for an entertaining president.

The message that Baldwin sent out to the masses is seen below and while some think it is a joke, others think he is slowly testing the waters for a possible presidential run in 2020. After taking a gander at the comments that appear under this message, Baldwin might find it hard to take the temperature of that water, as the comments are all over the place. Some people are encouraging him to run while others suggest that stick to the entertainment industry.


A Twitter user indicated on Saturday, “I don’t want entertainment. I want a REAL president!” That comment was retweeted to the Alec Baldwin Foundation’s account. Baldwin has never left anyone guessing about his feeling toward Donald Trump and the current administration. He is very outspoken regarding his disdain for the way he believes Trump is taking this country.

The tweet above “If I run for a President” gathered over 200 comments that covered the entire gamut of the pros and cons of Baldwin running for president. One commenter suggested a reversal of roles: “Would pay serious money for you to run and Trump to do impressions of you on SNL. Everyone wins big.”


Another commenter sounded a bit distressed over the idea pleading, “Dear god, don’t toy with us so in these dark days!” Then there were the simple, short, but sweet comments of “Do It” and “You’d Win,” which showed up from several commenters.

Baldwin had toyed with a career in politics long before Trump eyed the White House. Back in 2008, he shared on CBS’s 60 Minutes that he had a childhood dream of going into politics and that he has still not given up on that dream.


Back in 2011, it was rumored that Baldwin was eyeing a campaign for the Mayor of New York and his rep wouldn’t rule out a possible run for the actor. It was Baldwin himself who nixed the idea as time waned down for precious campaign time and he still hadn’t made an official move to run for mayor.

Baldwin does have something in common with Trump that would more than likely get a reboot in popularity if he really did run for president. Both men were taped in private conversations and both those tapes were embarrassing and released to the public. Trump was secretly taped while engaging in “locker room” talk with an Access Hollywood personality. Baldwin’s infamous tape was a voice message he left for his daughter Ireland Baldwin years ago that was released to the public.

Baldwin knew he was being taped because he left a scathing message for his daughter on voice mail, what he didn’t expect was that message to haunt him going forward years later. Baldwin didn’t expect his message to go public, but it did. According to, that voicemail “is still brought up for Baldwin every day.”

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