Duggar Family News: Meet The Black Sheep And Rebel Family Members You Won’t See On ‘Counting On’

Everyone knows the Duggar family after their years of starring on TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and the spinoff Counting On, and it is hard to keep up with all the names and faces of the kids, their spouses, and the grandkids. But, the family has even more members than what fans see on TV. The extended Duggar family is bigger than anyone thought, and it even has its fair share of rebels and black sheep.

In Touch Weekly recently offered a visual guide to the Duggar family tree, and it turns out it is full of names and faces that viewers aren’t familiar with. At the top of the tree is Jim Lee and Mary Duggar, patriarch Jim Bob’s parents. Mary is often seen on TV because she lives in a cabin on her son’s property. Jim Lee died in 2009, but Grandma Duggar is still a huge part of the family.

Even though Jim Bob and his wife Michelle opted for a large family, he comes from a household that only had two children, Jim Bob and his sister Deanna. However, he doesn’t seem to be that close to his sibling, and that could be because in 2015 she split with her former husband, and the Duggar family does not believe in divorce.

Deanna also gave birth to her daughter when she wasn’t married, which is a huge violation of the strict family rules. However, Jim Bob and Deanna do reportedly keep in touch.

Deanna’s daughter Amy Duggar King has appeared on the reality show and is known as the rebel Duggar. She has admitted to having sex before marriage, but she did reveal that she and her husband Dillon King held off on consummating their relationship until after they walked down the aisle.


Amy’s father Terry Jordan is her mom Deanna’s ex, and Amy told her followers on Instagram that her dad abused her when she was younger. The two have reportedly made steps over the years to mend their relationship.

As for Michelle’s side of the family, she comes from a much larger family and is the youngest of seven. Her older sister Evelyn Ruark is a lesbian, which the Duggars do not approve of, and her sister Carolyn Hutchins has a daughter who has been in trouble with the law.

Carolyn was taking care of her grandson Tyler after her daughter Rachel got into some legal trouble. However, in July 2016, Carolyn suffered a stroke, so Jim Bob and Michelle came to the rescue and took Tyler in. They officially adopted him earlier this year, making him the family’s 20th child.

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[Featured Image by The Duggar Family]