Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: Family And Friends Reveal ‘Suits’ Actress’ Father’s Thoughts On Couple

Not much has been written about Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle Sr. Even with the Suits actress’ high-profile relationship with Prince Harry getting a lot of attention, few people are aware that Meghan’s father has retired to Mexico after years working as a lighting director. And with Harry reportedly having struck up a rapport with Meghan’s mother, it would seem that Thomas would rather maintain his low profile and stay away from the spotlight.

As described by the Daily Mail, 73-year-old Thomas Markle, or Tom to friends and family, is a “bear of a man” who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs about 240 pounds, and has been enjoying a “quiet” retirement close to the border between California and Mexico. He and Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria, had separated when Meghan was just five-years-old, and while the Daily Mail report suggested that Tom is estranged from his two older children, it was also noted that he has always remained close with Meghan.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, an unidentified family member said that Tom Markle is very supportive of his daughter and her relationship with Prince Harry, but would rather keep a low profile away from the “circus” that comes with Meghan dating a member of British royalty.

“Tom adores his daughter but he wants the relationship with Harry to take its natural course and he has no interest in speaking publicly about the relationship,” said the family member, who also hinted at the issues the elder Markle supposedly has with his older children.

“He’s incredibly proud of Meghan and all that she’s achieved but he’s been horrified by some of the negative things that have been said by certain family members who haven’t had any contact with her in years, including his eldest son and daughter.”


Although he is currently based in Mexico, Meghan Markle’s father Tom still maintains a rented flat in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz. Some of Tom’s neighbors opened up to the Daily Mail, confirming that the “respected” lighting director is proud of the fact that his daughter is dating Prince Harry.

“He could be walking his daughter down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. He’s astonished at it but he’s happy as long as Meghan is happy,” said Tom Markle’s neighbor, Alison Leber.

Another neighbor, Amalia Alva, told the Daily Mail that Tom is a man who “loves children” and, much like Santa Claus, gives neighborhood kids gifts during the holiday season.

“Tom always worked long hours at the studio. Now he lives mostly in Mexico. He says he has a very comfortable life there. There’s so much attention on his daughter, he’s happy to be away from the madness.”

Although it was made clear in the Daily Mail piece that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have the support of Meghan’s father and mother, the report also noted that Tom Markle had gone through his share of financial issues in recent years, and currently has a rocky relationship with his two oldest children, Samantha, 52, and Thomas Jr., 50, who were born to his first wife, Rosalyn, in the 1960s.


The Daily Mail quoted Rosalyn, who said that her marriage to the Pennsylvania-born Tom Markle fell apart in 1972 as their “lives didn’t gel,” with Tom moving to California to focus on his work as a lighting director. Rosalyn added that her ex-husband was “deeply wounded” by remarks Samantha made about her half-sister Meghan being “self-obsessed” and refusing to offer financial assistance to her father during his bankruptcy.

Thomas Markle Jr., on the other hand, was described by the Daily Mail as a man who has had a “long history of drug and alcohol issues.” Although charges were later dropped, Thomas Jr. was arrested earlier in 2017 for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a gun.

“The negative publicity was very hurtful to him,” said Rosalyn.

“Tom isn’t close to his older kids. He dotes on Meghan.”

The Daily Mail report on Meghan Markle’s father comes a few weeks after Hollywood Life had claimed that Prince Harry “asked Meghan’s father for her hand in marriage,” and supposedly did so by meeting with him when he was in Canada. This report, however, was contested by Gossip Cop, which accused the publication of “coming up with creative fan fiction,” but did not make any mention of Thomas Markle’s apparent aversion to the spotlight and desire to live a quiet life, with his daughter’s happiness being among his top priorities.

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