Kevin Hart Cheating Scandal: Wife Gives Permission To Discuss Infidelity Ahead Of Baby Birth

Kevin Hart, being the comedian that he is, will be discussing his cheating scandal in his forthcoming comedy shows after getting the permission by his wife, Eniko Parrish.

Reports claim that Kevin Hart believes that the scandal should be something he talks about while on his comedy tour — it’s part of his life and he knows that people want to hear about it, with a sense of humor, of course.

Hollywood Life reveals that Eniko has agreed to the idea of Kevin Hart discussing the matter on his tour, which is expected to kick off next year, having already found it in herself to forgive her husband for his infidelity.

A source explains that Kevin Hart loves using his real-life stories and implements them into his comedy, so not discussing his cheating affair would almost be like cheating the audience who’ve paid money to come and see him.

It’s not that he will go into detail about it, but Hart definitely plans on letting the audience know just how wrong he was for his actions, and how he ended up being extorted for a reported $10 million. Cheating isn’t cheap for someone like Kevin Hart, and that’s the whole message.

Parrish has come to terms with what’s happened over the summer, and though it’s been a work in progress, she’s solely focusing on giving birth to her firstborn with Kevin right now.

The negative energy is staying far away from the model, who has made it known to Kevin Hart that cheating on her was his last chance. Should an incident like that happen again, she will leave him without a doubt.

Further reports claim that Kevin plans on taking time off from Hollywood after his tour concludes next year to spend quality time with his wife and the newborn baby — it will give him a chance to rebuild his marriage to Eniko, too.

Kevin Hart and Parrish are in a much better space now that they have managed to overcome such a big hurdle in their marriage. They’ve moved on from it and are simply focused on their future together.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]