WWE Rumors: Top 5 Rumors Heading Into ‘TLC’ — Kurt Angle May Not Wrestle After All

Over the last couple of days, Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view event has seen almost the entire card change and it has led to a whole new set of rumors. One match was changed to a dream bout as Finn Balor will take on AJ Styles, but the alteration to the main event is what has so many people talking. An illness has taken Roman Reigns out of the match and left the other members of The Shield to find a replacement in Kurt Angle, but will his in-ring return really happen?

It’s hard to believe that the card the fans will see at TLC on Sunday night is one that has essentially been built within the past week. The viral illness attacking the Monday Night Raw locker room has forced some major changes to the matches and caused a big scare among the other superstars.

Still, the show must go on and WWE is planning on presenting a great pay-per-view with some big-time matches and awesome action. With that, here are the top five rumors heading into TLC, and some of them may not make fans very happy if they come true.

1.) Kurt Angle will not end up wrestling at all

One of the most confusing things is that Roman Reigns’ sudden replacement ended up being Kurt Angle who wasn’t already back in the ring due to not having taken a physical for WWE. Now, all of a sudden, he’s passed a physical and is medically cleared to get in the ring? Cageside Seats put forth an interesting theory that could anger a lot of people, but it would make sense if it happens.

You know, this makes a lot of sense. WWE isn’t going to risk Angle’s safety or health, but announcing his in-ring return will spike buy rates.

2.) Braun Strowman may not wrestle either

The 5-on-3 stipulation already didn’t make a lot of sense when it was The Shield vs. The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman, and Kane, and it still doesn’t make much sense now. What Culture believes that some additional changes could be made to Sunday’s main event at TLC and that could include Strowman sitting it out.

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Having Strowman lose is not what WWE needs right now as he’s still a monster after losing to Brock Lesnar, and another loss wouldn’t be good for him.

3.) Enzo Amore will become a two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Fans turned him into a major heel by hating him after he won the Cruiserweight Title, but he’s now made the full turn and it is working for him. With that being said, CBS Sports is reporting that the rumors have Enzo Amore winning the title again and taking it away from Kalisto after his short reign.

4.) Sister Abigail will still make an appearance despite Bray Wyatt’s absence

Despite Bray Wyatt being taken off the card due to medical reasons, the world may not be spared of the debut of him playing Sister Abigail. He won’t be wrestling against “The Demon,” but What Culture believes he/she will still appear and interfere in the match by way of the TitanTron or flickering lights or something.

wwe rumors tlc kurt angle jason jordan shield balor styles

Yes, the Wyatt vs. Balor feud is likely going to continue.

5.) The Demon vs. AJ Styles will set up a future WrestleMania main event

Seeing AJ Styles just thrown in as Bray Wyatt’s replacement at the last minute is one that is hard for longtime wrestling fans to stomach. Yes, many have been wanting to see Styles vs. Finn Balor in WWE for a long time, but they want the build-up and for it to be on a grand stage without simply being a spur-of-the-moment thing.


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As reported by Sportskeeda, there are many different possibilities for how this match can go, but it won’t be the final meeting. With all the changes, WWE is wanting to give fans a good fix which is what this match will be, but expect these two to meet again in front of a much larger crowd one day.

All of these things need to be taken as rumors as it is quite possible that some or even all of them won’t take place at all. On Sunday night, WWE will present a card for TLC that is quite different, but possibly still just as good, as the original was from a couple of days ago. The biggest question mark right now is Kurt Angle‘s status and the big rumor floating around that even though he is listed for the match, the Olympic champion may not return just yet.

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