Aliens Haven’t Contacted Earth Yet Because They Live Underwater, Says New Scientific Theory

Aliens have not contacted Earth as yet because they probably live in underwater civilizations. That’s a new theory presented by planetary scientist Alan Stern, from the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He’s concluded that our alien neighbors live in subsurface oceans covered by layers of ice which explains why communications from them haven’t reached our planet as yet.

Many of the planets and moons in our solar system have oceans, Science Mag notes. Large bodies of water can be found on many of Neptune’s moons, as well those orbiting Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Each of these planets have icy crusts which develop into frozen mountains and canyons on the surface.

But at the lower levels, these large ice-rock formations melt and form oceans. Hydrothermal vents in these oceans could supply the environment with nutrients, sparking the development of vibrant ecosystems. These ecosystems are protected from the rest of the atmosphere by a thick icy shell which could make them more “productive” than Earth’s ocean environments.

Stern suggests that intelligent alien creatures in these ecosystems would have a different perspective of “space” than humans do. Space for them may be the frontier beyond the ice cap that keeps their world separate from the rest of the planet.

This new theory from Stern could be the solution to “The Fermi Paradox.”

Named after physicist Enrico Fermi, the paradox questions why we haven’t seen any aliens yet, even though there’s lots of evidence that there are stars out there that are able to support intelligent life. Many of these planets beyond our galaxy are much older than ours, so they would have time to develop interstellar technology that could colonize the galaxies around them.

Fermi found that there was no proof that aliens had made contact with humans which led him to ask, “where is everybody?” As notes, it’s said that Fermi discovered the paradox during a casual lunch with his colleagues in 1950, and planetary scientists have been scratching their heads about it ever since.

According to Science Mag, some of Stern’s colleagues don’t agree that his theory solves the Fermi paradox. But he still thinks that there’s a chance that intelligent alien creatures haven’t contacted us yet because they don’t see it as necessary since they’re fully consumed by life in their icy universes.


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